LED display screens are the most advanced invention, which are aimed at improving your viewing experience incredible. Whether it is an LED billboard or your personal display, it is important to maintain excellent visual impact. But, you have to take care of one thing- there should be no compromise on its performance for a long time period. Your job is to maintain good condition of LED display panels so that they can have extended life.

But, do you know what are the tried and tested ways to increase lifespan of LED screens? If no, then here are some options from  https://www.doitvision.com/ you can adopt to make it happen:

  • Proper Ventilation

It’s quite common to see the LED display failing to work for a long time period. The reason behind is overheating! Yes, when you leave no space between the display screen and wall or the frame, heat doesn’t get any place to travel, thereby overheating the LED display.

So, what you should be doing is to make sure that you leave some space around the screen. This way, its ventilation system will have enough room to maintain temperature and extend life of the screen.

  • Contrast Adjustment

This feature will enable you to made a difference between the brightest and darkest colors. Your LED screen might have four common options- movie, dynamic, vivid and standard.

Dynamic and vivid options are good when you need high contrast ratio as compared to movie and standard. These are normally used by LED showrooms because they create amazing and clear images that help them to gain customers who are looking for good display screens. However, what you should know is that they might go heavy on your pocket since they used to consume more energy than the latter ones. This issue leads to faster burning of LED lights, which make their lives shorter and you will have no other option but to replace them. So, it’s better to adjust the contrast in such a way that it will not affect LED light’s performance.

  • Voltage Regulator

The next worthy step you can take to extend life of your LED display is to attach a voltage regulator. It is a device to maintain voltage supply to the appliances. It doesn’t matter if there is power fluctuation. This voltage regulator can handle the job efficiently. You can even use this regulator with other appliances so that they can remain safe from power dips.

  • Moisture-proof and Storage

If your LED display is not in use and you are planning to store it, then make sure that its temperature should be between -40oC and 60oC while moisture should not be more than 60oC. With these conditions, your display screen will remain safe for a longer time period or else, it might get wet and lead to functional problems.

  • Energy Conservation

You might have seen a lot of screens with open power even when they are not working. While it looks a minor negligence, they can cost thousands of bucks if not given appropriate attention. Not only will it affect the lifespan but also make it costly to replace the parts. It is, therefore, better to be a bit careful and turn off power when you are not watching. With this small thing, you can add numerous hours to the useful life of your LED display.

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)

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