There are several things you will get to learn from So I Married the Anti-fan subtitle. The drama is based on a media reporter who was fired for confronting a star for his misbehavior. The reporter may have been on the right, but she got fired because the media industry in Korea had given a lot of attention to the star. After being fired, she did not go quietly. She decided to protest outside the media house from where more attention was created. She finally ended up acting in a drama where they play roles alongside the biggest star. Some form of romance starts because they realize they have a lot in common.

Hoo Joon stands out as the biggest entertainment industry star

In the So I Married the Anti-fan subtitle, you will realize Hoo Joon is the biggest entertainment star in the South Korean industry. Due to his reputation, society tends to give a blind eye to any misbehavior. It was a different case when a media reporter decided to confront the rude behaviors. Because of his powerful reputation in society, the media reporter is fired. To some extent, she believes that the star had a hand in her dismissal. The drama proceeds to connect the two individuals in a drama.

Lee Geun Young experiences misbehavior from the star but ends up being fired

She was doing the right thing in confronting the star because of the misbehavior. She ended up losing her job making her vulnerable. She had worked hard to build her career but things were not working well when she was fired. She did not take it easy because she proceeded to protest outside the media house. Her protest was captured by the rest of the media outlets in the country. It brought about reputation damage to the biggest star.

Lee Geun protest gets the attention of the media

The attention of the media made her being labeled an anti-fan. She was the first person to protest against the biggest star in town. Although she was labeled anti-fan, she achieved great results because people noticed her. She was even considered for a role in a drama series where she was to act alongside the biggest star. To some extent, she builds her name. The drama So I Married the Anti-fan subtitle is developed out of the fact that they were to act in a setting where they are seen to have married even though she is seen to be anti-fan to the biggest entertainment star in town.

Hoo Joon and Lee Geun joins hands to act in a drama

From So I Married the Anti-fan subtitle, you will realize the media reporter was made to act in a drama series where she is made to marry the star whom she was protesting against at first. She was forced to accept the role. She had no money because she had been fired. The biggest star in town also accepted to take up the role because he was after building his reputation that was in a bad state because of the protest.

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