In this age of modernity, it is not difficult to access tons of entertainment in the comfort of your own house. And sometimes, there are days where you feel like your body is drained— exhausted even and about to give up after a tiring week at work or school. And all you want to do is sit comfortably on your couch while having a cocktail in your hand and binging TV shows and films. 

Well, you can absolutely do that. The Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming services in Canada and the USA and can be your best buddy that will provide you great entertainment. Amazon Prime Video is an exclusive streaming platform to the subscribers of Amazon Prime. This means that if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you also have access to tons and tons of videos, and you do not have to pay for any extra charges.

With its wide array of fantastic and splendid original content, you will feel at home and suffer from eyegasm. Selections like Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Good Omens, will surely leave you begging for more. And their catalog of original content is continuously growing and flourishing each time. Prime Amazon Video may not be a massive collection like Netflix or even HBO Max, but the quality of their shows will put someone to shame.

Amazon Prime Video is not a stranger when it comes to Emmy awards. You will expect much more exciting shows that will make your heart bleed and your stomach aching. If at some point you are still not convinced with that advantage. Do not go yet. I still have more to add. So, grab on some popcorn and some soda to spice up your reading experience and watching experience when I sway you to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video.


Amazon Prime Video App

One great thing is that Amazon Prime Video is it has its own application. So you can install it on your device and enjoy the entertainment in the comfort of your mobile phone. It has a handy interface that makes it manageable and efficient to use. The Amazon Prime video app is similar to most of the available streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO Now. 

It shows a black and somehow shadowy background accompanied by an original and stunning thumbnail of its content. On its top display, the Menu options, Home, Originals, TV Movies, Kids, are also available at the bottom for easy access to Store, Channels, Search, and My Stuff. So together with the details of the show, you could also view the user ratings. 


High-Quality Content

When I said I would convince you, I am not kidding. What makes the  Amazon Prime Video stand out among the sea of streaming platforms is their TV shows. Their content range gives you more choice. Since Amazon Video is not just anything under the sun type of streaming service, there are options in which you can opt to rent or buy the titles of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Knowing that you can have TV series and films at the tip of your fingers sounds like an angelic voice singing songs in your ears. But there are some streaming platforms where the selection of films matter on the subscription. When you think that it is all the perks of Amazon Prime Video, well, let me stop you there. 


4K HDR Content

You may feel like all of the streaming services are actually the same except the TV series. However, Amazon Prime Video does not settle for less. They want to go beyond what is offered. Amazon Prime Video presents you with its 4K HDR content. Mainly, its original shows and content are basking in the bright rays of 4K HDR quality.


First Free Episode 

When you think that Amazon cannot get better than that, you might want to recalibrate your brain again since one of its perks is called “First Episode Free.” Yes, you read and understand that correctly. With tons of their series available in their archive and not accessible on rent or even purchase, Amazon gives a warm welcome to their subscribers by giving them free first episodes.


Downloadable Content

Behold everyone because this might overload you about all the great things Amazon has to give. You can save offline up to 25 Amazon Video on every device, at any given minute or hour. So, are you thinking about how to make use of your time in a 6-hour train ride? Well, binge watch some TV series downloaded on your phone and have a great time with it.


A Comprehensive Video Streaming Package

Now that you have a run down to what Amazon Prime Video can do to your life, it is crucial for you to try it. What could be more amazing than having tons of stunning TV shows and fantastic films in just a few taps? Chilling has never been this convenient. It is efficient, simple, and priced reasonably. Amazon Prime Video app is worth its price. They offer what you pay for with some extra.



The Amazon Prime Video may not offer a cornucopia of original content like other streaming services. They pride on the well-versed, high-quality, and accomplished catalog that weighs heavily on critics with marks of critical acclaim. Its capability to augment that library through Prime Channels is an amazing addition to their bonuses. Thus, making Amazon Prime Video a strong contender as a streaming platform.


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