Everyone enjoys watching television. It has unbeatable importance throughout American households. Television brings people together from all walks of life, whether it is for a Sunday NFL game or for a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. People usually prefer shedding their stress by opting for a cathartic TV session at the end of the day. So you couldn’t blame people for splurging their hard-earned money on home theatres complete with fancy Bose speakers, Marshall subwoofers, and Samsung soundbars for their TV.


However, the rising demand for better and more diverse content has inspired cable companies to raise their monthly bills. Where before you could get a cable plan for around $30 to $40 a month, now you’re made to choose a package that promises 100+ channels but for a price that renders a deathly blow to your monthly budget. Plus, with the luxurious add-ons of DVR boxes, 4K streaming devices, and cable modems, the overall bill exceeds all possible limits, amounting to around $80 per month, which is impossible to manage for a consumer living from paycheck to paycheck.


It is also true that not all cable companies fall into this criterion. Some offer relatively cheaper plans, like the famous Cox cable TV packages, at affordable rates. However, for those unlucky people who’re stuck with their expensive cable providers and can’t find affordable options in their area, the rising prices pose a serious dilemma. This is where cable alternatives come in.


Cable TV alternatives may not be as good as the real deal, but they are certainly much more pocket-friendly. With the passing time, newer alternatives are being introduced, which even threaten to topple the cable industry’s long-standing monopoly. For the sake of brevity, let’s stick the most popular alternatives and see which ones are possibly ideal for your home.



This service enables you to stream your favorite cable TV content across all your devices, whether a laptop, smartphone, Fire tablet or Roku. For a meager price of $20 per month, Philo gives you access to 58 cable channels, including but not restricted to MTV, Food Network, AMC, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central and HGTV etc. Moreover, you can customize selections in your own personalized dashboard and save shows for up to a month. Philo has a 7-day trial, so do give it a test run before choosing it.

Sling TV


Sling TV is the closest streaming service you can find that works on the principles similar to a cable or satellite TV, but at the cheapest rates possible. In its $25 basic package, you can enjoy up to 30 live channels, covering Disney, ESPN, HGTV, and other classics. Besides that, you can enhance your package with titillating add-ons and other line-ups. Sling TV doesn’t offer a free trial, but it does scrape 40% off of your first bill.



This is one of the most affordable cable TV alternatives. Why? Because HULU gives you a number of content options against a price range that fits every budget. You can select a $6 plan (ad-supported On Demand content), pick a $13 plan (ad-supported On Demand content with DISNEY+ & ESPN+), or even go for a $55 plan (ad-supported On Demand content + more than 60 live TV channels). HULU has enticing original series in store for you too and runs local + cable network shows right after they air. You can try its basic package for 30-days without being billed.

Amazon Prime Video


Are you a member of Amazon Prime? Then, you already have a cable alternative right under your wing. Amazon Prime Video is a streaming giant that has a spectacular library of old and new, free and original content programming that rotates every month, bringing fresher entertainment your way. Even if you’re not a member, you can always sign up for the service, paying only $9 per month. Amazon Prime Video does come with a free 30-day trial period, which is worth checking out.

HDTV Antenna Content


If you want to watch cable TV channels without having to pay any monthly fees at all (required by streaming services too), then there is definitely a way out for that. It goes by the name of the HDTV antenna. Yes, by making a one-time investment in a good range antenna, you can pick up TV content from the local broadcasting stations and watch FOX, CBS, CW, NBC, ABC and other channels for a zero monthly fee.


So, as you can see, the aforementioned cable TV alternatives offer a wonderful entertainment viewing experience while asking next to nothing in return. Do give them a go, if you’ve decided to part ways with cable.

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