Think you definitely thoroughly understand Netflix? Reconsider.

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that allows members to watch TV shows and movies without commercials at any time. While many people love to stream Netflix, it can be detrimental if you spend too much time doing so (which is evident in your Netflix statistics).

Netflix is one of the popular streaming services that have a diverse selection of content. Some of Netflix’s content is only available in specific countries or regions. However, some Netflix users want to fully access all the content available on Netflix, even if some of it is only accessible from certain geographic regions.

To watch geo-restricted material, they use a VPN. Netflix users see it as a tip for getting around regional restrictions that Netflix places on content with the use of a VPN, which hides your IP address and lets you choose the location you want to appear as.

We’ve come up with several tips and tricks so that you can enjoy a better Netflix experience.

There are many ways to customize your Netflix experience. This list contains a few of the tricks we’ve found to get you started, including clearing your history and turning captions on for those who struggle to read text aloud.

The 11 Best Netflix Tips

1. Know about using shortcuts

Why watch your video all the way through just to rewind it? You’ll have more fun binge-watching if you know the shortcuts. To customize how you watch Netflix without using the mouse, make sure to memorize the useful keyboard shortcuts. Most of them will work with other video players on your computer too.

F = blows up the screen to a full-size view

M = mute

Up arrow = volume up

Down arrow = volume down

Spacebar = play/pause

Shift + Left Arrow = rewind

Shift + Right Arrow = fast-forward

ESC = exit fullscreen

2. Clear your review history

If you ever need to wipe out your history, Netflix is a fantastic go-to service. You can selectively delete your viewing history in all the logged-in places by going to this link:

3. Tweak your captions

Since you have subtitles on while watching, it’s an ideal opportunity to upgrade the default Netflix subtitles. Indeed, even the greatest fans of Fellini and epicureans of Kurosawa probably won’t understand that they can change their subtitle preferences to match their language style or personal preference. Fortunately, this is easier than ever before.

All you need to do is visit My Account>My profile>Subtitle Appearance. Now you will have options to change the look of subtitles and to preview it.

4. Get more caption dialects

For many families, it can be difficult to communicate with a partner that doesn’t understand their language. If two languages are spoken in your household, you can add captions written in both languages to your videos using the Google Chrome browser extension that will appear at the bottom of the screen.

5. What’s happening on Netflix?

There are a lot of perusing instruments to assist you with tracking down the best in class on Netflix. My most loved one is Instant Watcher, which will give you all kinds of appraisals from Rotten Tomatoes to IMDB. They additionally show you what’s on Netflix, what will be gone soon, and so forth.

6. Explore your Genres

You might want to watch a comedy, crime-comedy, thriller, or any other genre on Netflix. Jumping in and out of each genre isn’t easy: it takes time and effort to find the right genre for your mood or desires. Thankfully, Netflix has made this task easier by breaking down all movies into genres; you can check them out.

7. Watch Netflix with companions anyplace

Kast is a group chat service that lets you watch and discuss Netflix with your friends in real-time. Similar to Kast, Netflix Party syncs playback between participants so everyone can follow along and talk together.

8. Auto pause Netflix when you fall asleep

Netflix designed a sleep detection system for socks with an accelerometer. The Netflix socks can tell when someone falls asleep and then flashes red lights on the socks to alert anyone nearby.

Netflix wants you to have a unique experience. You can do more than just watch movies on Netflix. They want you to be able to do more stuff, like use tools like soldering irons and routers.

10. Utilize secret codes

To find a specific movie on Netflix, consult They have provided a comprehensive list of all the codes that Netflix uses to sort movies by type. Search for the code in your normal inquiry menu and you should be able to locate it easily with this helpful site!

11. Enjoy Netflix while you work

The Helium program is an efficient way to watch Netflix while working, even though it can reduce your productivity. The program carries out the processes that do not affect each other; however, if you try to run too many programs at once, efficiency becomes reduced but with this option, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies while working.


In this article, we introduced you to some of the tricks Netflix has that can help when you are streaming on it. There are several that most people know and a few others that might be new. We hope you find this article useful for you and it will make the experience better.

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