Planning for kids’ events can be quite a challenging project, but fun at the same time. It may seem simple because you cater to kids, but the processing of catering and budgeting can cause stress. Additionally, meeting the expectation of kids and family members also add to the pressure. To assist you in this project here is a step by step guide in making awesome events for kids.


1. Consider the Celebrant


Consider the age of the child and pertinent information such as their favourite colours, cartoon characters, and activities. For toddlers and pre-schoolers, a big event may not be ideal as some are happy with a couple of friends over. For older children, a more organised approach is necessary.


2. Set a budget


It is vital to set a budget early on your planning. With a limiting number, you can efficiently plan the details of the event while limiting the chances of being in debt.


3. Select the Time and Date


The ideal duration of parties is two to two and a half hours. This is ample time to let the kids and the parents eat and have some time for activities. If possible, select a time when kids usually eat for better management. Choosing a time when kids are active may cause them to play, making it difficult for parents and kids to eat.


4. Plan for Food and Refreshments


Decide if you need a Toronto private catering or if you intend to prepare the food for the event. In estimating the number of guests, consider a separate count for kids and adults. Also, consider what food kids can easily manage but do not forget meals for adults as well.


5. Pick a Theme


Party themes are not necessary, but it can provide a fundamental idea for all party details. You may include your child during theme planning to get the kids’ approval for activities and artifacts.


6. Plan for Activities


If you have a party theme, you may create a programme that depicts the idea. Games can also be modified to cater to the theme. Other than activities, if your are from Perth, Australia you can check amusement hires that can provide bouncy castles, carnival amusement, obstacle courses, and popcorn machines, among others. Experts from Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, explains that bouncy castles not only offers fun but enables kids to exercise as well. They also add that activities such a face panting will encourage creativity and entertainment in any event.


7. Send Invites


Design your invitations to depict the theme and colour scheme of the party. Do not forget to indicate specific details of the party and a contact number or email address that your visitors can contact for confirmation. It is ideal to set a deadline for responses, as the number of guests will be the basis for your catering and other party essentials. Also, make sure to send the invites a month ahead of the party schedule.


8. Get Adult helpers


Depending on the age of the children you are inviting and the activities you prepare, you may want to ask for adult helpers. You need extra sets of hands, especially if you have rowdy games planned. Select adults you can rely on and provide them with instructions on what they need to do or tasks assigned to them.


9. Cake and Party Favors


No party is complete without a cake and loot bags. Homemade cakes are budget-friendly, but store-bought cakes have more design options and can be intricately decorated. For party bags, you may purchase them or make them yourself by putting some small gifts and goodies. Another alternative is to include a craft activity in your programme and let the kids take their craft home with them.


After all the careful planning, the only thing left is to enjoy the event with your child, friends, and family. Not all things may go as planned, so be ready to improvise and be prepared with a plan B. Just remember that a remarkable event is where everybody has fun and is safe!


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