This is a horrifying video of a dancing robot created by Jordan Wolfson and the folks over at Spectral Motion. My favorite part is the finger quote dancing she does around :20, I need to incorporate that into my routine. My least favorite part is everything else. Definitely brings up a lot of questions. What’s with the creepy-ass mask? Why does she have all that bruising on her upper thighs? Portrait mode? SERIOUSLY? You’d think people familiar with this kind of technology would know better.

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Via: Buzzfeed


  1. manu

    first time i went to chuckecheese and saw the rat was actually a robot i screemed.. then now that is see the real agenda of these robots is to replace us as workers its all the more horrifying

  2. American Puppet

    Who cares. It’s genius robotics in the form of performance art. Your writing an article about, so I think it’s weight was felt.

  3. CheekyFelix

    All those poor strippers will be out of jobs!!

  4. Frank

    It looks like one of the splicers from the first BioShock..

  5. carebear

    You just know that robot has been defiled, you just know it