Bodybuilding has grown in popularity, with more and more people wanting to get healthier and achieve the bodies they have dreamed of. On top of your protein powder, bodybuilding can help you keep track of your fat loss while bulking up and adding some pounds of muscle to the body.

But, you may not know what to do at the gym as far as bodybuilding goes. This is where the services of a bodybuilding coach come in, especially if you want to take bodybuilding seriously and make it part of your active lifestyle.

One of the questions you may have is how much you need to set aside each month for a bodybuilding coach. Generally, bodybuilding coaches cost anywhere between $100 to $500. There are a few things that affect how much they charge. These are discussed below.

The Expertise of the Coach

This is the primary factor that determines how much a coach costs. More advanced coaches will charge a high up of $500 as they have more skills to bring to the table. Coaches that have competed in bodybuilding championships are bound to charge more than regular bodybuilding coaches.

On the same note, Celebrity coaches will charge higher because they attract a specific clientele. These are advanced and almost always deliver desirable results regardless of their clients. But they can be quite a leap for a beginner in bodybuilding.

The Period of Bodybuilding

How much do you intend to take the bodybuilding classes? Coaches will charge per class, per month, or season. If you intend to take a few bodybuilding classes a few times a month for a few months, that may cost you less than if you were to use your coach several times a week for a longer period.

Most bodybuilding coaches will charge a flat rate per month, catering to an agreed number of classes each month. The rate will vary depending on how many months you need their services. Luckily, most provide packages that are cheaper than per-month rates.

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Your Bodybuilding Goals

Do you need a bodybuilding coach to generally grow your physique or compete in bodybuilding championships? You may need to pay your coach more if you intend to hit bodybuilding competitions, owing to the amount of time and effort you will need during training.

There are bodybuilding coaches specifically suited for training aspiring bodybuilding competitors. These charge higher than regular coaches since they have more skills to offer, need to exert more effort on their trainees, and go beyond training you at the gym.

Additional Services

Do you need help with your diet too? If so, your bodybuilding coach may charge extra for additional services they offer you other than training you at the gym. Most of them will include the services in their packages, but some charge specific services separately.

The cost of bodybuilding coaches depends on the coach you choose, the services they offer, and the goals at hand. The good thing is you can find one within a reasonable budget, even though you may need to compromise on some services.

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