Escape rooms are the best option if you want to enter into another world full of thrill and suspense. Escape games can rightly be called the portals to fun, excitement, and adventure. However, since there is a potpourri of escape rooms and you can enter a few of them, choosing among them becomes a difficult task.

Paranoia escape room Atlanta offers a battery of options when it comes to types of escape rooms. You can enter different worlds, each of which has something different to offer. Escape the zombies in the world of a zombie apocalypse or enter the school of magic. Your options are never curtailed. 

Choosing Among the Multiple Escape Rooms

Now that there are so many options to choose from, it becomes incumbent on the readers to make a wise choice. Following are the parameters on the anvils of which, their decision of choosing one among different escape rooms can be driven.

  1. Price

Since economic status is always a governing factor in making any decision, we have mentioned it at the outset. The price of the escape rooms may vary a lot. Some of them can charge you an exorbitant sum while others are just fit for your pocket. Notwithstanding anything, all escape rooms are fun and a great time killer. 

Those rooms which have more details and more layers of puzzles and clues are costlier than the relatively simpler ones. 

  1. People in Your Team

One of the obvious yet often ignored factors is the composition of your team. If all of your team members know each other, you will be easily able to solve difficult puzzles. However, if you go with a bunch of strangers, ideally you should be opting for the easier puzzles so that the team gets to know each other well. 

  1. Statistics of The Escape Room

The escape rooms have their statistics of average time taken to complete the room, average success rate, average popularity, et al. All these stats help you form the first impression of the escape room. You can freely decide among your escape rooms then. 

  1. Theme of the Room

This is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. The themes of the room may vary from suspense to zombie and history. If your team is composed of science nerds, then it’s better to take them to some science-related escape room. If the majority of your teammates are fearful of ghosts, you must shy away from horror rooms. 

This will not only increase the productivity and success rate of your team, but your teammates will also have more fun because of the active involvement from all sides. 


Escape rooms are a heart-pounding experience. They will keep you on your heels. Escape rooms test and challenge your logic at multiple levels. You will often be required to change your perspective towards the problem because the solution defies any logic whatsoever. If all this sounds interesting to you, you must book a slot in the escape rooms ASAP, they fill fast. 

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