Call of Duty Warzone is no ground for fooling around when enemies lurk for killstreaks and loots. Newbies have a hard time keeping up with the extraordinary precision and speed of the game flooded with a wholesome stream of pro players.

While you are trying to figure out a way, you are already dead and waiting for your opportunity to get back on the battlefield from the prison of Gulag.

Are you sick of losing at Warzone? If you are a frequent visitor of Gulag prison and combat with similar dead players for a wildcard entry, here is a list of mistakes you make to bid farewell to Warzone:-

The Whoopee Drops

Before entering the battlefield, the players have a vantage drop. Most of the players often make the mistake of dropping in hot war zones because they believe they pick up with the intensity almost instantly once landing. However, it does not always prove beneficial because players are not equipped well, and rushing to a fighting zone will only cause quick deaths.

Also, enemies might see you landing unarmed and shoot you down. So you might be in Gulag even before you start your adventure.

Miscommunication within the Team

Players in multiplayer fighting stances have acquired the foolish habit of splitting into lone players and moving around a single player in search of loot and enemies. The outcome is that they either get tackled down by other squads or narrowly escape death.

The players often do not heed the squad strategies and conversations before heading down, which leads to severe wrong calls.

Reckless Bloodbath

In the bid to push for kills, players ignore the warning signs and become less assertive about the surroundings that cause them to lose.

Reckless decisions like buying wrong weapons or products only because it is in rage, reviving a fallen teammate even when firing is going on with no cover, and rushing blindingly into a battle zone without prior planning are purely the recipe to disaster.

Missing the Spots

The high-pitched and crashing sounds of bullets make the player transfixed into a state of perplexion, compelling them to take indiscriminate actions like reflexive non-stop bullet fires.

Besides aiming pointlessly and losing ammunition, the other mistake is that players miss hitting the right mark. Most of them hit on the torso rather than the head of the enemy. While one hit on the head is required for the opponent’s fall, few more rounds of bullets are needed to hit the body trunk.

Copying To Die

Customizing the weapons and adapting to the gaming style of other players is laudable yet, not advisable. That is because every player has a different playing style, controller, mindset, and choices. Some tend to be aggressive, while some play on the defensive side.

Therefore, trying to copy and execute what the other players are doing is unnecessary. It would be best to recognize your endeavors; tips and tricks are there only to polish your skills.

Fatal Lingering

It is obvious to get comfortable at a spot that probably gives you a comprehensive view and better space to launch attacks. However, no hiding spot is safe. Enemies will automatically begin to barge in from all corners after watching your activity for a long time, eventually making you fall into a situation of extreme dilemma.

Underestimating Survival

In the conquest to establish victory and earn as many kills as possible, they overrule the importance of Care packages, survival kits, and contracts. While health kits and packages are essential for renewing your life, contracts can earn you the rewards of bounty in the form of cash, killstreaks, and passes.

Do not be in a far-fetched rush to kill that you forget the main objective, survive till the end.

In the lengthy path of mastering warzone, you will probably lose interest and confidence to win as there are scanty chances of not encountering pro players. Therefore, why not end your constant failures at Warzone with some amazing warzone cheats.

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