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Bingo is one of the most popular games of chance and is widely enjoyed by people across the world. Long associated with fundraising and Friday evening get-togethers, bingo is a great way to combine fun with serving a good cause.


Why host a bingo game?


Whether you are looking to raise funds for the local community center or just want to plan a party with an alternative spin, bingo can be your secret ingredient. It is exciting and suspenseful, as all games of chance are – but it is also very easy to learn and play, unlike more complicated games like poker or blackjack. If you are new to the game yourself, you can easily get acquainted by playing bingo games online and looking into the different bingo variants. From the classic 90-ball bingo that is played on a 3 x 9 grid to 75-ball bingo with 5 x 5 grids of 24 numbers, there are different online bingo rooms for people looking to understand the mechanics of bingo fully.


After having mastered the basics, it is not hard to teach them to your guests. Unlike more competitive casino games, like roulette or craps, bingo has long been associated with easygoing and social entertainment, while the gambling element is still there to spice things up. Bingo has traditionally been used for fundraising events across a wide range of charities, so it is very probable that your guests will already know the rules. For instance, in the early 1990s, the LGBT+ community launched ‘drag bingo’ – bingo nights hosted by drag queens. Drag bingo has become extremely popular thanks to the – usually NSFW – banter involved, and drag bingo nights are regularly hosted in London and elsewhere in the UK.

How to prepare the perfect bingo night


The usual challenge is catering for space – if you are just hosting a few friends for a quiet bingo night in, then your living room can easily do. But if you are looking to host a bingo charity event, you have to think big: a spacious local venue that would cover the costs to help with fundraising, or even a village hall or your parish church might be able to help out with accommodating the players. In those cases, it is customary to charge an entrance ticket in order to fund both the prize pool and ensure that the charity will get enough funds.

Other than the venue, it is very easy to prepare the game thanks to the internet. You can now find printable bingo cards online and setting up the bingo numbers – you can even use an online random number generator (RNG) as your reliable bingo caller for the night. If you want to add an extra fun element, learn a few of the British bingo number calls – for example, the number 3 is often called out as ‘cup of tea’ or number 10 should be called out as ‘Boris’s Den’ nowadays, referring to the current resident of Number 10 Downing Street. If your party is a small circle of friends, you could even make up your own calls based on inside jokes.

If you are into games, hosting a bingo night can prove the perfect combination of exciting and light-hearted fun – and it is also the ideal way for your community to provide a bit of support to your charity of choice.


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