The computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive entered the market ten years ago and began to rapidly win the love of users. It used to cost $ 10, but now it’s available on Steam service for free. An interesting plot and fascinating gameplay attract users from all over the world every day. In addition, the platform provides an opportunity to earn some money just by playing. The main ways to earn money are cases and bets.

Users can open cases cs go and find valuable items there. The chest contains anything: weapons, armor, gloves, characters and other modifications. Unfortunately, these gifts don’t give any gaming advantage over rivals, but they have a real monetary value.

Knife Case CS:GO is the most popular case in 2022.

How to get a case for free?

The easiest way is to use the random drop of objects in the game. After the end of the match, one of two items drops out: either this is a cheap weapon, or a coveted case.

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In addition to this method, there are two different relevant ways to get the prize:

  • exchange with other players, — ordinary cases are rarely found in such trades, but there a user can get options that are no longer available for free;
  • buying them on the Steam trading platform, — this is a method that is constantly open for players: users just exchange real money for a case.

Every case is unique: inside there are skins that can’t be reached from other boxes. The process is intriguing and fascinating: it may contain small prizes or cool content.

How to open a received case?

Opening the case is possible only with a key that a player has to buy. The very first key falls out at the end of the match, and the subsequent ones are located on the trading floor. The price may vary depending on the world exchange rate. There are no ways to open a box without a key yet.

Users just should take these several consecutive step:

  1. Go to the inventory.
  2. Find the appropriate item in the list and click on it.
  3. Press the “Open Case” key in a new window.

After completing all the necessary actions, the scrolling process will start. Then the received skin will be displayed on the main page (it will be in the form of a sticker or graffiti on the screen). The item will be added to the inventory immediately.

Rating of the best cases

The opinion regarding the quality and payback of cases is always subjective. Nevertheless, certain models still stand out among others:

  1. Prisma. An inexpensive box that includes many beautiful skins.
  2. Restricted area. A cheap case with a high chance of a quick payback.
  3. Horizon. Excellent combination of low price, quality and colorful filling.
  4. Breakout Weapon Case. This box is relatively young. The user gets a new container with good skins for the gun.
  5. Clutch case. There are quite a lot of unnecessary goods inside, but this fact is overshadowed by the low price and high chance of payback.

Many well-known gamers often hold contests for such valuable prizes as cases. Again, they contain a lot of junk, empty items, but they have a good payback and a small purchase price.

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