These days, kids are glued to their screens. It might entertain them for a while, but it can’t benefit them in the long run. To improve your kids’ social skills and motivate them to be more active, you should encourage them to play outside more often.


Spending time with other kids on the playground costs nothing, but it can help your little ones to become more confident, release stress, and make new friends.


Make sure your kids don’t take their tablets and smartphones to the playground. It’s easier than it sounds – you just need to introduce your kids to the playground games you played in your childhood. It will not only benefit your kid, but it will also help you to bond with them.


Here you can find a list of exciting playground games that your kids can play with their friends:


Treasure Hunt


If you want to make your kids truly happy, find some time to make a treasure hunt! It can keep your kids busy all day long. First of all, you should choose a theme (dinosaurs, Disney princesses, ancient Greece, etc.) and a variety of prizes for both teams. After that, find a playground or a park where you can hide all the treasures and plan clues.


Indeed, the preparation process might take a while. That’s why Treasure Hunt is a great idea for a special occasion, like your kid’s birthday.




Marbles is a classic game. To play this game, your kids need some chalk and a bunch of marbles. At first, you should set up a game by drawing one circle on the pavement and choosing a shooter marble.


After that, put around ten marbles inside the circle and decide if you want to play for keeps or not. The best thing is that there are a lot of different ways of how you can play Marbles. Encourage your kids to try a couple of them so that they can choose their favourite one.

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