Some occasions call for celebration and merrymaking. Be it a birthday party or a graduation celebration: you want your close ones to join in your present opening and good mood. It takes a little more planning and decoration to welcome the people in your clean house, which is about to look crowded and not-so-clean.

Cleaning the house after a booming party is not the job you want to do immediately after the tons of fun and good times you had celebrating the occasion with your friends and family.

There is another option: you can always throw a kick-ass backyard party that you can tend to clean later on and not immediately. Here are some of the occasions that your backyard can accommodate:

1.     Birthdays:

Your child’s birthday parties, themed with baseball, pirate ships, camping, or woodland/Neverland can become an instant success. Serve brownie bites, chocolate fountain, ice cream cones, iced sticks, and strawberries dipped in chocolate for the little ones to grab and go without having to stop for a break.

When organizing a birthday party for adults, you can stage a picnic in your backyard, with games like water balloon toss on a sunny day, tug of war. You may go for a mellow-themed party like earthy nature calling. Knit some flower crowns and bracelets and an all-white dress code to maintain the theme in your backyard. Serve fruit kebabs or marshmallow-strawberry-chocolate kebabs and watermelon pizza, fruit skewers.

2.     Baby showers:

What better vibes for a baby than having the baby shower in the womb of mother nature. Step a comfortable sofa or armchair for the mother as well as the rest of the party. Decorate with contemporary items like balloons, papercut art, pictures of the mother so far, decorate in blue and pink, and bring out the food items that the mother is craving and a crown for her.

3.     Brunches:

A brunch in your backyard is a beautiful setup. You want backyard furniture like a table and chairs to sit with your family or friends, a group of 2-4 people for you to enjoy the sun and delicious food. You can check out the furniture for your garden backyard at

Your brunch setup must match your vibe and be comfortable. Choose the food under the season and prefer homemade, delicious dishes or traditional recipes of your mom. Or go for an extended nature theme: sangria with frozen fruit cubes, veggie-pasta, hummus dips, bagels, and weave placemats.

4.     Family reunions:

It has to be perfect; after all, we are talking about the near and dear ones. Set a picnic amid your yard/garden to reminisce the childhood memories of the same. Serve the signature family dishes and traditional recipes that are a secret of your family. You can organize games like hopscotch, bobbing for bagels to keep it fun, and for ribs-aching laughter. The entire family having a great time with each other is the day you will pin in your memory and may want now and then. Make the most of this day.

5.     Camping with a bonfire:

Break the routine and set your night for a camping event – in your backyard. Try to set up the yard as different as possible from the home comforts and close to the camp setup.

  • Bring out the tents and make a bonfire.
  • Pack some food like sandwiches and hotdogs to grill at the fire, hot chocolate in a thermos, or make campfire popcorns and the camping essential: smores.
  • Do not go back inside the house for anything that you might have forgotten.
  • Prepare camping bug bombs to battle the bugs.
  • Sing around the fire or narrate ghost stories for a creepy vibe set. Your camping expedition in the wild of your backyard garden will be a sure shot success.

6.     Night out:

A night out to break the mill of routine on the weekend is perfect for you to enjoy with your friends or partner. Take out a rug or soft carpet, with comfortable cushions and drinks with an ice cooler, food and bug spray for you to begin a night of endless talk and laughter, some games or a movie to fall asleep or stay close to your partner. Hang fairy lights, lanterns, tea lights for a lovely glow and luminous effect: The more, the merrier.

Or you can spend the night stargazing by bringing out a rented telescope to spot constellations and planets visible on a clear night. Remember to bring journals and draw the constellations as you perceive them or for notes on observations.

7.     Movie night:

With little effort, you will be able to put up a sheet and a projector with drinks, coke, snacks, popcorn for you to enjoy a movie or a movie marathon with friends or your date. It is a 10/10 idea to spend quality time without spending a lot. Rent a projector or borrow it to invest extra bucks in food and drinks. Pass around bowls of popcorn or pasta. Minimize the lights and choose a weather-appropriate setup like shawls and bonfire on a cold night or cooldrink and table fans on a summer night.

8.     Barbecue time:

Summer smells like barbecues. Make your yard smell of roasting meat and fresh sauces. Barbecues spell food, and so to live up to the name, organize and serve each type of signature barbecue dishes, sauces, dips, finger food, and drinks. Put on some tunes and enjoy the music with your family and friends. Turn your garden bench into a makeshift bar so that you don’t have to go inside to refill your drinks.


Turn your backyard into a whole new space for occasions on a budget. With little imagination and host qualities, you may have plenty of ideas on hand to mix and match and organize a perfect party to win you the title of the best host. Remember that decor and food play a titular role in the party game. Make your guests comfortable with a plate of food, and they will talk of your backyard for days on end. Your backyard is so much more than a space for plants and trees. It is your space to create happy memories and fun times.

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