In such uncertain times, humanity is starting to shift spiritually, and more and more people are looking to psychics for guidance.


I have found that my online psychic email reading orders have recently exploded!


Generally, there are two types of options available for people wanting to find a psychic medium, tarot reader or clairvoyant online.


One, being virtual face to face meetings via zoom or skype, which is essentially is the same as a standard in-person reading, only it’s over the internet and not face to face.


And….two, being a reasonably new style of reading, called an email reading.


Email readings are where a psychic will tap into your energy via a picture. They then type up everything they sense and the messages they receive into a carefully crafted email and send it back to you for your enjoyment.


These types of readings have spiked in popularity recently and have become a fantastic option for people for a variety of reasons.


Here Are My Top 6 Reasons Why Online Email Readings Are So Popular!


1: Convenience


Email readings are brilliant because you do not need to leave the house, which is excellent. After all, we haven’t been allowed to in recent times!


You log on, order an email reading and send it off to a psychic or clairvoyant.


It takes only minutes to order one, and then you can go about your day. Within 48 hours, you have a personalised psychic reading pop into your inbox.


How convenient!


2: Less Intimidating


Many people have never had a psychic reading before, and they don’t know what to expect when visiting one for the first time. It can also be intimidating to discuss personal situations face to face with a stranger. Email feels much more comfortable for some; it’s like dipping your toe into the psychic sea.


3: Sharability


Email readings are delivered in text format, which means they can be forwarded on to family and friends. This great because sometimes information will come through that you can’t validate. So you might send the reading over to your Mum, and she says “yes I remember, my mum always wore a locket pendant necklace.”


Things like this confirm who the person is in spirit.


4: Cost-Effective


Generally, an email reading will cost less than an in-house or online reading, due to the medium or clairvoyant being able to complete orders at a time that suits them, opposed to committing to an exact set time.


Just because they can cost a tad less, doesn’t mean that you are receiving a “lesser quality reading” than any other options available.


I believe that these types of readings offer fantastic value for money for those who chose this option.


5: Your Location Does Not Limit You


The internet has opened up a world of possibilities that once didn’t exist. Your location doesn’t stop you from getting a reading from any particular psychic you want.


I offer and deliver many psychic medium readings in Geelong & Melbourne, where I live. Still, I also have the chance to use my abilities to help guide people from all over the globe because of having these online and email options.


6: They Actually Work


I’m here to tell you, that as long as you choose a reputable psychic, email readings absolutely do work! The information still flows very clearly, and I write the messages coming through to me by hand, then I type them all up to send them over to my clients. Whilst I’m typing, I actually receive further clarity, and that helps me add even more detail to peoples reading.


In summary, these types of readings are a straightforward & easy way to receive messages and guidance from the spirit world.


You can still get clarity and feel a connection to past family members via an email reading (such as through Peninsula Daily News exclusive list of the best online psychic reading platforms), with the added bonus of being able to share the love around to other people that will resonate and appreciate it.


Maybe that’s why online readings are booming!!!


Written by Janelle Bridge


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