Fall has always been a special time – the perfect season for transitioning. You get to escape summer’s heat before tackling the winter cold. In the meantime, you enjoy the perfect balance in temperature that fall weather brings. While you welcome this new season, there are plenty of things to do that will make the autumnal months even more special. Here are a few things you should add to your bucket list for this fall:

1. Find a therapist you actually like.

When the Covid-19 pandemic first arrived on the scene, we had no idea the amount of impact it would have on us. The effects have been devastating – physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally. While you’re going through this nerve-wracking time, it would be nice to speak with a professional service or psychologist who’s trained in listening and aiding to your needs.

Now more than ever, utilizing therapy is a great way to combat any seasonal depression you may face, as well as any additional significant distress. You can search for a suitable therapist using online sites like WithTherapy, a company that provides personalized therapy for your specific needs and issues. WithTherapy asks questions to get to know you and creates a list of potential therapists to match you with based on your answers. This will allow you to connect with a therapist who will best fit your needs. Visit WithTherapy to meet a therapist who will assist you and your mental health during these troubling times.

2. Plan a Vacation

We could all use a vacation this year. So why not schedule some time to travel and change up your scenery? Autumn is a beautiful time to explore nature while taking long woodland walks, breathing in the fresh, crisp air, and enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. Places like The Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park, nicknamed a “site for shore eyes“, shows you just how beautiful the Oregon countryside is. There’s plenty to experience outside of your vacation rental with Horsefall Beach, Sunset Bay Estate, Cape Arago State Park, and several other stunning attractions to explore. You’ll also get to enjoy the many luxurious amenities featured at the hotel – hello hot tub! Head over to The Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park’s website to take your first step in planning a fun weekend trip.


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3. Host a Bonfire

The change of weather brings the opportunity to find new ways to enjoy being outdoors, and fall is a great time to jazz up your backyard to host bonfires. While you’re at it, upgrade and decorate your outdoor space too. Marygrove Awnings, an awning supplier that serves the Chicagoland area, provides gorgeous awnings to add to your backyard space. The awnings Chicago has to choose from are pretty great with retractable awnings, aluminum awnings, canvas awnings, door awnings; all to provide a great addition to your patio cover or deck! Contact Marygrove Awnings to get your free consultation to upgrade your backyard.

4. Host a scary movie marathon.

If you’re going to be scared, you may as well be scared with friends! Hosting a movie marathon at your home is a great way to enjoy the company of close friends – while also practicing safe social-distancing – and experiencing all the feels of the spooky season. Here are a few quick tips on how to throw a movie marathon:

  • Pick out your favorite horror movies and have your company vote on which ones to watch.
  • Get some spooky, yet sensational, snacks together.
  • Keep attendance at a small capacity – It’s still a pandemic, after all.

5. Clean out your closet.

The change of season also calls for a change of clothes, and fall is the perfect time to switch out your light-weight clothing for your heavier pieces. Your comfy sweaters are sure to warm your heart as much as they warm your physical body. While you’re cleaning out your closet, it would also be a great time to donate old clothing. You can also consider selling your clothes to a resale shop such as Buffalo Exchange to make some extra cash!


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