Crystals are believed to promote healing, not just for the body but for the mind and spirit too. However, there are just so many types of it in the market that finding the best healing crystal can be a bit challenging if you’re new to this. It’s a growing industry that’s getting more and more believers each day.

It may be hard to believe that crystals are effective but those that use them stand by the power of these wonderful items. Aragonite stone for example is used by people to help release anger and worrying thoughts. If you’re looking to try out some healing crystals for yourself, then here’s a peek at some of the most powerful crystals that you can rely on.


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Citrine is currently one of the most popular healing crystals out there. It’s often dubbed as the crystal of happiness simply because it’s used to make the users feel happier and more appreciative of the world around them. It’s a beginner crystal too so it’s best for everyone.

This healing crystal is also found very easily. Just go online and you’ll see that almost every store out there offers citrine.

The stone is used in a unique way too. Experts suggest putting yourself in a relaxed position first. Once done, hold the crystal and think of the things that make you feel positive or happy. Citrine will help you circulate that positive energy around your body, thus making you more emotionally strong.

People believe that the happier you are, the healthier you’ll be. While citrine does focus on making you feel happy, it’s this positivity that can lead to better health as well.


Moldavite is also called an impactite or a mineraloid. Basically, it’s a healing crystal that fell from the sky. It’s not as popular as other healing crystals but the significance of moldavite is definitely worth noting. More and more people have come to use this crystal for many problems.

One of the unique things about moldavite is that it doesn’t target problems directly. Instead, it helps find the reason for the imbalance in your body.  After doing so, it will find the right means to establish equilibrium so that you feel generally better as well.

Other than that, moldavite is also said to be good for memory loss and mental regression as well. Moldavite also has emotional and spiritual healing capabilities too. All-in-all, it’s an all-around healing crystal that you should give a shot if you want to try something new.


Obsidian is a healing crystal that’s both beautiful and beneficial. It’s a healing crystal that’s often praised for being intensely protective. It offers protection for both physical and emotional negativity which means you’ll be protecting yourself in more ways than one with this healing crystal.

For its emotional protection, obsidian is said to be good for getting rid of emotional blockage and it can also help promote qualities that make people spiritually strong. At its core, obsidian helps you find your true sense of self as well which is good if ever you feel lost.

For its physical protection, obsidian is said to help aid in digestion and detoxification. It is also said to reduce pain and cramps too.

Clear Quartz

In terms of versatility, people have only clear quartz to recommend to you. This diamond-like healing crystal is both easy to use and easy to partner with your outfit because it comes in such a dynamic style and shape. For that reason, the stone has become a very popular choice for people as well.

Clear quartz is used to maintain balance in your mind and body. If you’re feeling as if something’s off with your body, there’s a chance that there could be an imbalance in your organs or hormones. The main purpose of clear quartz is to even out that imbalance so that you start feeling better.

By balancing out your mind and body, clear quartz doesn’t just help you feel better. It can also help you do better at work or in your hobbies too. The common way to use clear quartz is to hold it in one of your hands and then say your goals out loud. Clear quartz will help you manifest this goal and turn it into a reality.

Whether you’re a believer in the power of crystals or not, there’s no doubt that people have a high regard for what they can do. It’s always worth giving these crystals a shot first before you completely shut the idea down. Who knows, you might even become a believer yourself after trying one crystal out.


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