Regardless of the subject or area of study, essay writing is a crucial focus of most students’ work. It is vital to submit excellently written papers in all of your classes, to guarantee your success. Writing an essay requires concentration, creativity, time, but it also some help. Turning a good essay into an excellent one can be as simple as getting the right tools to help you with your writing. Online writing tools can help you get good grades for your writing assignments. Online writing tools are a great place to start if you are looking for ways to improve your writing skills. Using online writing tools to enhance your writing experience will take much of the confusion and guesswork out of the way for you. There’re numerous tools to choose from. Below are the top 7 tools that can assist you with all the different aspects of your writing.


Top Writing Tools for College Students


  1. Plagiarism Checker


Plagiarism is a common problem when it comes to academic writing. When you submit plagiarized work, you will permanently damage your reputation, and also there is a higher chance you’ll receive a failing grade on your paper. Using a reliable plagiarism checker software such as Copyscape will help you find any plagiarism cases and remove them


  1. Citation Generator


All college essays require a “citations” or “reference” page, and it is no shock that they are time-consuming and challenging to create. Let Citation Generator make the task easy instead of struggling and sweating over your computer keyboard. Software such as any legit essay writing service will get the job done.


  1. Anti-Social


 Let us face it. Staying focused when you’re writing an essay is hard. It is even more challenging to concentrate when you are pulled away by social media every now and then. Anti-Social is an app that you can use to block any distracting social media platform. You set the app to a specific timeframe, and you can’t turn it off until the time expires. So, for the four hours, you need to work, you can say goodbye to Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Google Docs


This is perfect for those looking forward to working on a group project or collaborating with other writers. Google Docs is similar to Microsoft Word, but its documents can be shared in real-time. You and several classmates can work on the same paper anytime and anywhere. Even if you are doing an individual essay, it is helpful to use this program because all work is saved automatically, so no need to worry about losing your work. When you are done writing, you can submit it to a professor who also uses Google Docs or share the doc with a friend to help proofread it. Also, if you need help writing an essay, it can be done in real time under the guidance of an expert who provides the type my essay service. This way, you’ll be fixing mistakes at the same moment.


  1. Thesis Generator


A Thesis Generator makes it easy to come up with a strong, workable, and unique thesis. The program asks you various questions regarding the topic that interests you. It may ask some things you think about the subject, your opinion, and some things that support your position on the subject. Thesis Generator will come up with a possible thesis once you have input all the data.


  1. Grammarly


Grammarly is a proofreading tool that offers spelling edits and grammar suggestions. It comes with a free and premium option. The free version offers basic writing edits, while the premium version will check for things such as plagiarism, offensive language, and tone. Also, you can add Grammarly extension to your browser to help you detect any errors in online documents and emails.


  1. StayFocusd


StayFocusd is an extension that can help you stay focused when writing. Although it can’t directly improve your writing skills, it might help you complete your paper on time. The extension raises your productivity by reducing the amount of time that you can spend on unnecessary websites. Once the extension detects you are visiting time-wasting sites, they are blocked, and you’re forced to get back to work and complete the task.


Bottom Line


The above tools should enhance your research and writing process. Once you’ve got the tools to succeed, it is only a matter of committing to your writing. However, remember practice makes perfect and perfecting your writing takes time. If you take advantage of the above tools, improved results will quickly begin to surface.


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