Education is essential for all people as it allows individuals to become literate. Nonetheless, higher education is more important than basic education because of its benefits. People spend more money facilitating education at higher learning institutions than other schools. Educational degree is not a poor value for money because people with higher education have higher salaries, occupy senior positions, feel motivated to study more, are more satisfied, and are more independent.

People With Educational Degrees Earn More Salaries

Things considered poor value for money do not benefit those engaging in the practices. However, education has proven differently as more educated people enjoy their higher education benefits. For example, an education degree allows individuals to earn more salaries. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people with educational degrees can work in tutoring and writing centers to help needy students. Therefore, they earn more money from their salaries in addition to the subscription fees paid by students seeking online tutoring services.

People With Higher Educational Degrees Are Promoted to Senior Positions

While there are different educational degrees that people can acquire in higher educational institutions, those with a philosophy doctorate (Ph.D.) have more opportunities for promotions than those with master’s degrees. In tutoring and writing centers, those with Ph.D. qualifications can supervise those with lower degrees as they are more experienced in understanding students’ needs. Therefore, individuals with the highest educational degrees are preferred for promotions in tutoring and writing centers as they possess more knowledge.

Higher Educational Degrees Come With More Life Satisfaction

The value of money can be measured in terms of personal gratification when they use the money to develop themselves. Those who earn higher degrees are motivated by increased personal satisfaction in their lives. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual tutors with the highest qualifications assist those with lower academic qualifications when they visit them in their tutoring and writing centers. Thus, such individuals feel more satisfied and motivated when they witness their students succeeding academically.

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Higher Education Enhances Independence

Individuals with high educational degrees enjoy more independence when they reach the highest level of education. For instance, people with doctorate academic titles and who teach in online tutoring and writing centers can independently conduct research relevant to this specific area and earn more credits in their education if they publish their findings. Thus, in this case, their conclusions would be considered credible as they study in fields in which they have experience and earned credits in prior research in similar academic areas.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Writing Center

People with the highest educational qualifications teach undergraduates and graduate students at all levels. For example, among global writing centers like and the likes, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has a writing center whose teachers have higher educational degrees. In this case, academic degrees seem to have a good value for money as those with the highest educational degrees in the university can tutor those studying for the first and second degrees. Hence, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s writing center assists all students regardless of their educational levels.

In conclusion, an educational degree is not a poor value for money as individuals with such qualifications earn higher salaries than those with lower academic qualifications. Furthermore, people with master’s and Ph.D. qualifications are more promoted than those with an undergraduate degree, while such achievements increase their lives’ satisfaction if they teach in tutoring and writing centers. In addition to enhancing independence, tutors in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s writing center can research online tutoring and publish their findings.

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