Are you preparing for a job interview? If you are, here are fatal blunders to avoid if you don’t want to miss a job opportunity.

Fatal Interview Blunders that Could Cost You a Job

Are you expecting to get the dream job you have been studying to wrest for all these years? If you are, then one of the things you should consider is a how well to attend to a job interview. This grilling session can make the difference between losing and securing your dream job. However, be careful to avoid fatal mistakes some candidates make before and during this session. This post discusses some of the deadly blunders you need to avoid to boost your chances of securing employment.

Poor or Late Preparation

The first blunder to avoid is poor or late preparation. In life, preparation links opportunity to success. Many candidates prepare late and end up panicking on the interview day. Also, avoid making shoddy preparation because you will miss the necessary components of the interview. For instance, poor preparation can lead you to forget carrying the necessary items to carry on the interview day. Also, a lack of preparation will deny you the opportunity to position your mind adequately to anticipate and answer questions appropriately.

Inappropriate Dressing

The person who said that people will address you the way you dress was right. Don’t assume that just because you have a great CV you can walk into your interview room dressed carelessly. However, interviewers, judge a book by its cover because first impressions matter. Even if you had applied to an informal job, you should attend the interview dressed as if you are going for work.

Failure to Research Your Interviewer

Your interview’s success depends on two people—the interviewer and you. Therefore, get all necessary details about your interviewer. By failing to research the interviewer, you will miss some of the shared interests that could have helped you to build a strong bonding with them. Additionally, you may miss other information about the person such as their previous connection with your former employers.

Arriving Late

Arriving late for an interview is one of the first impression mistakes you should avoid if you want to secure a job. By arriving late, you show your potential employer you are a very unreliable person who has no respect for time. It also shows them you are disorganized because you can’t manage your time well. Also, late arrival will deny you the time you need to relax yourself and prepare for your interview.


Another mistake many candidates make is being overconfident. Even though you need to show confidence in yourself and skills, it is counterproductive to brag about them instead of telling your achievements. So, be careful not to hijack the interview and start interviewing the interviewer.

Being Selfish      

Well, everyone knows you need a job to meet your personal and family needs. It is also legitimate to protect your interests in the job. However, avoid drawing tilting the balance to focus on your interests. Remember, when the company offered you the opportunity, it was looking for a person to add value to them in exchange for a salary. Therefore, let the interviewer know you are ready to support their cause.

Distractions from Tech Gadgets

In this tech-savvy generation, the mobile phone is one of the most irritating tools for distraction. You should never use or even touch your mobile phone during the interview. It is safe to switch it off or put it on silent mode until the interview is over. Otherwise, you will be telling your potential employers you have concentration problems. If you allow your smartphone to disrupt or appear to be disrupting your conversations with an interviewer, what will you do when you land the job?

Asking the Wrong Questions

Asking questions is one of the things you need to do during the interview. However, be careful to avoid asking obvious questions about the company when their answers are in the public domain. Asking such questions betrays your ignorance and laziness because you cannot take the initiative to research about the firm.

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