Remote learning has picked up the pace since the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic. It became a more popular, productive, cost-efficient and convenient way of doing things. Distance learning costs less than in-person classroom learning and increases your options. Now you do not have to settle for a community college just because it is near your home or workspace. You can enroll in the best online programs from anywhere in the world and learn according to your schedule, and also buy thesis paper online to make your student life a little easier.

According to Think Impact, 42% of graduate students and 30% of undergraduate students preferred online learning methods because they can retain 25% to 60% more information online. Due to this reason, the online learning industry has grown by 900% globally and is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.

Therefore, if you want to excel in your professions, we have listed some of the most in-demand online degrees to pursue in 2023.

1.    MBA in Data Analytics

Data analysis refers to interpreting, assimilating and presenting information for sound decision-making. By pursuing an MBA data analytics online, you will gain the skillsets for specialized roles in advanced analytics and business. It will help you in preparing better business plans for organizations.

You will learn to use different database technologies and programming techniques during your program. You can also choose electives to learn digital marketing, quantitative data analysis and optimization techniques to further enhance your abilities.

With the changing business landscape, this degree can make you an invaluable part of the organization. You will be able to assess the global external impact on the business. According to the BLS, you can earn an average annual income of $108,660. If you already work in the role, an MBA will further enhance your earning potential and experience. Moreover, you can expect a much faster job growth rate of 36% with 40,500 positions in the coming decade.

2.    Online Human Resource Management Degree

Another degree that you can easily earn online is in Human Resource Management. It is one of the most popular and in-demand degrees in 2023, with the increasing need to hire and manage talent. Human resource officers are responsible for hiring, firing, training and developing all employees. Moreover, they assess the human resource needs of a firm and fill the positions accordingly.

Human resource is a vast field with several employee assessment strategies. To keep the business function afloat, you need the right tools, programs, and software. During your degree, you will learn about talent management and develop people skills.

Moreover, you can expect a growth of 7% within the human resource domain in the next 10 years, with 12,600 open positions such as human resource managers, assistant managers and talent acquisition specialists. You can expect to earn an average yearly income of $126,230 with an hourly rate of $60.69.

3.    Online Certified Nursing Programs

There is a huge demand for nurses in the US (with a 40% job growth rate). Acquiring a nursing degree is much easier, especially if you are a working nurse looking to enhance your career with a specialization. The benefit of earning an online nursing degree is that you can study around your work schedule and complete it in time to further your nursing career.

With a certified degree in nursing, you can work as a nurse practitioner, anesthetist, or midwife. They earn a median yearly income of $123,780 with an hourly rate of $59.51. As per the BLS, finding a job in the US as a specialized nurse is easy, with 118,600 open positions every year until 2031.

Therefore, while being assured of career security, you can enter any nursing field that appeals the most to you. Nurses usually work in private clinics, hospitals, and health institutes and cater to patients from different backgrounds. Your degree will equip you to deal with different patients and manage multiple patients simultaneously.

4.    Online Clinical Psychology Degree

With the increase in the awareness and cases of mental health in the US, a psychology degree is very much in demand in 2023. Therefore, your chances of career growth are high if this field appeals to you. A master’s in psychology will allow you to work in various settings such as organizations, schools, colleges and hospitals.

You can earn an average median income of $81,040 yearly with an hourly rate of $38.96. You can increase your earning potential by gaining enough industry experience, getting a Ph.D. in psychology and working in mental health institutes. An advanced degree will allow you to design and implement mental health programs for those most in need. You can also work with seniors after retirement and nursing homes and help them with their life-altering setting.

You can expect around 11,300 new open positions annually until 2031 in the US, with an overall job growth rate of 6%.

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5.    Online Software Engineering Degree

Software development and engineering is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand degrees in 2023. The world is witnessing accelerated technology growth and needs qualified software engineers for support.

During your software engineering program, you will learn several computing languages, such as JavaScript, Python, and CSS. You will also be taught mobile and web application development. With this degree, you can also work on gaming software and learn to optimize it for maximum performance.

Software developers, engineers and testers can earn a median yearly income of $109,020 with a Bachelor’s degree and an hourly rate of $52.41. With added experience and a master’s degree, you can further grow your income. The job prospects for software engineers are excellent, with 411,400 new positions (a growth rate of 25%) until 2031.

Therefore, you can assure job security and growth with excellent earning potential if you enter this field.


Online degrees and distance learning have become the new norm in education. You can break many barriers to education and enter your dream field by taking advantage of it. MBA in data analytics, online HRM degree, certified nursing programs, clinical psychology, and software engineering are some of the most in-demand career paths with widely expanding and agile professions. Therefore, you can easily enter any of these fields and take your career in your desired direction.

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