Essay and research paper writing is common to many college students. However, sometimes it becomes hard to publish the task on time due to many underlying reasons, which might range from assignment overload to tight deadlines put in place. As a result, lots of students embark on a quest to find a reliable paper writing service (for instance, My Paper Done is one of the best options in this case).


This demand to deliver high-quality and plagiarism-free papers leave many students looking for cheaper and time-saving options. Some seek a professional essay writing service, which, according to them, offers a better chance to deliver a high-quality paper.


However, the main difference between professional writers and students is the commitment towards a given task. Having a proper understanding of the topic as well as planning your time well can make you easily outperform your record.


It is for this reason that we have worked on this blog, aiming at helping you to understand how to write your college essay with ease.


So, How Do You Go About Writing an Exciting Essay


Given the frequency of essay writing at every academic level, students need to have the right skills should they dream of excelling in the vice. Here are a few tips for you to ensure you get not only the best but also have an easy time writing the paper.


What Essay Type Do You Want To Write


There are four main categories of essays you can write, meaning the first step towards delivering a perfectly done task is by deciding on the type that fits your scenario. The choices to pick from include;


  • Narrative essay – The paper involves telling a story or relaying information in an easy and orderly manner.
  • Persuasive essay – Here, you need to convince the reader about some specific views.
  • Expository essay – This mainly involves a step-by-step guide about doing a given task. The papers are guides explaining a specific process.
  • Descriptive essay – The essay focuses on every detail of the given event.


Choose an Ideal Topic


Having chosen the type of essay to write, you now need to brainstorm and come up with the best topic for your article. To enable you to pick the most suitable theme, ensure you write down as many topics as you have in mind.


During the selection process, you will have to choose the theme that you perfectly understand. This will ease your next step in essay writing, which is researching.




Your school library database has more than you need for essay research. However, should you be looking for easy to access research materials, the internet is your best bet. Ensure you use only credible sources, those found in .gov, .edu, and .org websites.


Write Your Thesis Statement


A thesis statement is equally important as the introduction and conclusion. It is the main point of your essay, and it says what the article is all about. Likewise, you need to state it in the last sentence of your introduction.


Make Your Essay’s Outline


An outline is simply a skeleton of how your paper will look. The main purpose of an overview is to ensure your text flows perfectly as desired. Likewise, it keeps your work organized in unimaginable means.


Here, you are also required to ensure you have a transition between paragraphs. By this, the reader won’t get bored as your text will have a flow that’s missing in other articles. Lastly, it is through the outline writing when you take note of the style to use.


Should the assignment be written in APA, MLA, or Chicago style, ensure you have the tips with you for easier formatting.


Start Writing Your Essay


Having followed the process as stated, you can now start writing your essay. You should only aim at ensuring the text is clear and cohesive at this point. Citations here should be only from credible sources.


When you are done writing, re-read your text to ensure the wording and flow is as desired. Remove any ambiguous and awkward phrases.


Check for Grammar and Syntax Errors


Spelling errors are common in most essays. Fortunately, there is the spell check feature in word, and this will help you to make spelling corrections with ease. Lastly, use Grammarly to ensure your English level matches the required one.


Wrap Up


Writing a successful essay calls for more than knowing the paper’s format. Luckily enough, the tips provided here will help you overcome the challenge with ease.


Lastly, ensure your paper is 100% unique to avoid cases of paper rejection or marks deduction. With plagiarism, much cannot be taught on how to prevent it, but you need to do everything to ensure the paper you are writing and submitting is unique.

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