A certified ethical hacker is a skilled professional who has proper knowledge and understanding of how to look for flaws and vulnerabilities in target systems that are attacked by cybercriminals. A certified ethical hacker uses the same knowledge and tools like that of a cybercriminal. The only difference is that unlike a cybercriminal, a certified ethical hacker uses those tools in a legitimate manner. 

Following are the six major advantages of the Ec-council certified ethical hacker (CEH) certification:

  • Know the thought process of a cyber-criminal

The certified ethical hacker certification will help you in getting to know the thinking process of a cyber-criminal. It will furnish you with the skills and expertise that is needed to battle with them. The CEH course will also involve responding to threats, warnings, and issues as quickly as possible. Understanding how these hackers and criminals plan and manage their attacks is very important. Because only then can you develop strategies to fight back. Once you know the mindset of cybercriminals, you can look beyond the current strategies and policies, take charge, and develop plans and strategies that can prove to be vulnerable for cyber-criminals. Master the tools for security and monitoring

When you undergo the ethical hacking certified training, you can gain a lot of knowledge regarding the tools of the hacker trade. Most of the IT professionals already have experience with some of the tools used by a certified ethical hacker. But these professionals do not possess the in-depth knowledge or understanding which is required to use these tools to track cybercriminals. So in certified ethical hacker training, you can study and learn about how cybercriminals and attackers use various tools to attack your network. This will allow you to keep your networks, applications, and other assets secure and out of reach of cybercriminals.

  • Learn to keep the risk and vulnerabilities in check

CEH training and certification exam preparation, you can learn about how hackers can evaluate your network to determine if you are a target for attack. With this learning, you will be skilled enough and know how to stop cybercriminals from attacking your network. In the introductory modules of the CEH itself, you get to learn about this process. Every section of the CEH curriculum will give theoretical exposure to ethical hacking techniques and a solid base so that you can understand how vulnerabilities affect organizations daily. Cybercriminals are constantly discovering new techniques to attack and exploit the IT infrastructure by intruding through vulnerabilities. So, continuous updates and proper knowledge is needed so that you can deal with the risks and vulnerabilities.  

  • Study the exploitation process

The certified ethical hacker certification not only helps you in getting to know the thought process of a cyber-criminal.  It also helps you in understanding the entire life cycle of an exploit. Many network and IT security professionals find it difficult to understand how exploits plan and strategize to take advantage of vulnerabilities. While network and IT professionals have appropriate skills and knowledge to prevent and respond to known vulnerabilities, they can get a lot of expertise and insights by getting certified in EC council ethical hacking. It also allows you to look at exploits and vulnerabilities objectively. The expertise gained through the ethical hacking certification training will also help you in spotting potential attack vectors and weaknesses before the hackers do.

  • It teaches you beyond penetration testing

The CEH certification is not just beneficial for penetration testers. It is also helpful for IT security and network professionals. Networking professionals usually have the basic knowledge required to go for the certified ethical hacker certification. The expertise that the network professionals gain through the CEH certification helps secure their network against cybercriminals. An ethical hacking certification training is also useful for IT professionals. Receiving the CEH certification with proper training will be helpful as it will provide you with a real-world understanding of how to secure your network against cyber-criminals

  • Give yourself a salary hike

Becoming a certified ethical hacker is like an investment that will quickly pay for itself. One of the main benefits of getting the CEH certification is to receive a higher salary. Certified ethical hacking training certificate can also help you get qualified for other higher-paying positions if you are planning to change jobs. The CEH certification and some experience are all you’ll need and you can be on your way to earning good money.

The Ec-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification is a great credential to add to your resume. There are lots of opportunities for skilful professionals in the cybersecurity section of various business organizations as well as government institutions. You can get excellent job opportunities with high salaries if you are certified in Ec-Council Ethical Hacker training.  There is also a growing global recognition for holders of the CEH certification.

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