It is a crucial step when you go ahead for university study. You have so many aspirations and dreams in your mind, right? Apart from your course and career, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Since you are going to another city or country; you must know about the area and most importantly have a good accommodation.


Student accommodations are in plenty in the present time. You can pick one that is as per your specific preferences, needs and pocket.  Whether student studio Coventry or any other place; it is you who must make the decision. You must know what exactly you are looking for and then make the decision. Remember, you are going to stay therein in the accommodation that you pick for your stay. You must be sure about what exactly you are looking for.  Following are five things that you must not miss out on when looking for student accommodation.


  1. The contract & its specifications


You are curious and excited to be in a new city and country, right? But have you thought about the contract and all? What do you think about the specifications and details that are given in the contract?  You need to be sure about the contract and its details. There are always meanings to the lines given in the contracts. It is always bad if you find out later on that you are supposed to do something as per the contract and you didn’t do that. Come on, you cannot just take a chance with your stay in a new city or country.


What you can do is you can take professional guidance or simply read about the contract yourself. Even if you are looking for the accommodation on listings online; that is okay. You can always give some more attention to the contract and what is mention therein. The more you are careful, the better you can keep yourself informed. An informed decision is always a good decision.


  1. Pricing included


Then you need to be careful about pricing too. You must know what exactly is going to be included in pricing. The amount you are getting told is just about the rent or the internet, electricity and everything is included? You must know each and everything in the advance. There is no point of making a choice that is not in your favour or as per your preference. What is the point if the pricing of the different things is added after the payment you have made? Come on, these are the things that you need to be sure about in prior.


Also, you need to know about the pricing that you must make before you even occupy the space. The point is you need to give rent for one month in advance in most of the places. Then there is security thing too. You must be careful about all these things only then you can be sure about what you get and why you need to do. Once you know how much you would be paying for what, you can make a sensible choice.


  1. Locality of the accommodation


Maybe in the beginning it sounds cool to have your accommodation miles away from your university in a new city or country. But as the time passes, you need to be thoughtful about everything. You might need to reach the lectures early in the morning and those would be the times when you might regret your decision of taking an accommodation away from your university.  What is the point if you are getting late every single morning? What if you are always tired because of the time that travelling eats up for you? What if you are unable to give time to other activities because of time wasted in traveling? All these things can get on your nerves if you do not address them in advance.


Here, another thing is that you might end up spending a lot of money too on the traveling thing. So, the better thing is to look for the accommodation in the locality that is close or nearer to your college or university.  Also, ensure that it is safe and as per your needs. Generally, universities have nearby areas that are turned into student’s hub, staying in accommodations therein.


  1. What is included in the accommodation?


Then you must know about the things that would be included in your accommodation. Would there be proper beds and tables and kitchen items? Would it be furnished? What if the space is already furnished and you take up so many things along with you? Similarly, what if you do not take anything with you and the accommodation space is empty? You might need to spend a lot of money on the spot. You must think about these things in advance. You cannot simply put yourself in an awkward situation once you are in a new country. After all, you already have a new environment to deal with and a new way of living to embrace.


  1. Solo, double or so on!


Then you need to figure out if you need a solo room, a shared room or a space wherein there would be a huge number of individuals already. You cannot simply take any decision once you are already therein. What if you thought that you would be living alone in the room, but you discover that there would be three more students be with you? Similarly, what if you thought that you would stay with a mate, but you end up alone? These prompt changes might give you some sort of uneasiness in a new place. Since you are already acquainting yourself with the new city and country; you cannot simply add up these added stresses and tensions.




So, the point is clear, it is time that you embrace the best options for your accommodations. You can come across the best student accommodation once you keep these things in mind.


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