You love your Toyota Hilux, and who wouldn’t? It’s like a good friend that never lets you down in a pinch. You routinely take it off the beaten trail, and it hasn’t let you down yet. So, why not consider Toyota Hilux’s side steps to keep your best asset undamaged and take you where you want to go?

The right accessories can keep you off-roading for many more miles. Hilux side steps can be as beneficial as bull bars and rear bars in protecting your truck, but they can be far more convenient.

The plastic bumps on the front and rear of the Hilux can easily get squashed when you run over rough rocks, trees, and ridges. They can also be odd to step on, especially if you aren’t the most petite person.

Aftermarket Toyota Hilux side steps are usually made of metal—usually steel. Trade that plastic for steel, and you automatically add durability. Not to mention, you added a firm stepping ground. Now you have an extra step to help you climb into your 4 x 4.

Why Should You Add Toyota Hilux Side Steps?

Toyota Hilux side steps are a practical addition to your truck. They help you get in and out of it. They also protect your door panels when you are off-road. They also help provide protection when you’ve parked in a crowded lot.

How do they protect you in civilisation? Well, if someone parks beside you and gets out of their vehicle in a hurry, your side steps will prevent their door from ramming into the side of your Hilux.

Choosing the Right Toyota Hilux Side Steps

Hilux side steps are usually made of steel or aluminium. Either material can be suitable, so you should choose based on your needs. Aluminium side steps are lightweight but still strong. They are practical but don’t actually add much protection.

Steel side steps are the ones to choose if you want top-notch side protection. They provide a firm stepping surface, and they are less likely to get squashed than the aluminium.

Final Thoughts

Taking proper care to protect your Toyota Hilux will keep you on and off-road for longer. Toyota Hilux side steps protect your Hilux while helping you climb aboard for your next adventure.

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