Have you ever been harassed by a speeding car or truck while you were taking your morning walk or strolling along with your pet or while you were on your way to a nearby store riding your bicycle? If yes, then do not be embarrassed because you are not alone.

Though such an incident will not happen all the time or often, it could be extremely panicky at times, and some might not even know how to handle the sudden shock. It is always a good practice to remember that we are sharing the road with pedestrians as well. They might be walking their pets, or they may be older adults or sometimes patients.

While driving, we should never assume anything or take anything for granted, especially the aspects regarding safety that must be the utmost concern of the driver. Such values also should be taught to us while we learn to drive, but nowadays, some driving school grades do not pay attention to such aspects considering these to be trivial.

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Remember that we share the roads with the non-motorists too.

It is understood that when we drive a vehicle, our focus stays on the road and on operating the vehicle safely. However, doing these things alone in the right manner is not sufficient. We need to remember the fact that we share our roads with people using bicycles, people walking, etc. At least, drivers have the protection of airbags and seat belts.

Well, here are few things we can do as responsible motorists:

  • As drivers of four-wheelers, when you take a left or right, remember that there can be some risks of walking or cycling from the opposite direction on the road.
  • Sometimes there can be kids or older people on the road. The kids could be playing or cycling. So please pay attention and stay mindful when you are behind the steering wheel.
  • Always keep checking your mirrors periodically while driving. This will help avoid any unwanted surprises of people showing up at risky blind spots.
  • While talking about blind spots, you must be aware of the blindspots because owing to the smaller size and their position of non-motorists, they can at times be completely invisible.
  • Always maintain a safe distance from non-motorists on the road. This helps in not scaring them unintentionally.

More importantly than any of the things listed above, always do remember and keep in mind that other people sharing the road with you are more vulnerable and prone to injury in case of an accident occurred. This thought itself can make your stay more careful always.

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