Exploration of the untapped is engraved in human nature. We tend to visit a new place, explore new things, and live with the flows of nature. Hundreds of inventions and thousands of discoveries are just the results of the curious nature of humans. From the first day, personage has been in love with travelling and exploration. That’s why the airline and travel industry is one of the biggest economic sectors.

Travelling to other destinations give rise to multiple questions. One commonly asked question is whether it is wise to buy a new car while travelling to other countries? Especially if we go on longer vacations, this question becomes more pertinent. Let’s take an example of visiting Canada— the masterpiece of nature.

After Russia, Canada covers the highest amount of land than any other country. Due to the stunning natural beauty of Canada, hundreds and thousands of people annually visit this place, and even a few live there forever. If you are interested in getting a permanent residence in Canada, then Canada citizenship test practice is a must. Let’s talk about the ups and downs of buying a new car to facilitate your long stay in Canada.

Pros of Buying a New Car as a Tourists in Canada


If you have made up your mind to explore the length and breadth of Canada, then buying a car can save tons of your time. Ordering a ride or taxi, waiting for its arrival, and meeting the formalities usually costs you a lot of time. 

Getting rid of Whooping Rents

If you are a driver, buying a new car and self-driving will save you a lot of money on travel expenses. You can go to your desired destinations without worry about flight timing and the costs involved. Read more to find car choosing tips that will help you through your journey.  

Cons of Buying a New Car as a Tourists in Canada

Legal Complications

Before owning a car in Canada, you must have to fulfil three requirements:

  • Having a License— preferably Canadian
  • Basic Car Insurance Policy— can only be attained with License
  • Vehicle Registration— License is a precondition for it

Costs Involved

In Canada, cars are usually available at comparatively low prices than in other areas, especially newer ones. But vehicle registration costs you a lot, and an insurance policy can make you run out of budget. In Ontario, on average, car insurance policies charge you roughly two thousand dollars. If you run quick math, this option comes out to be super expensive.

Unfamiliarity with Roads

The colossal size of Canada, with a long spreading road structure, can give a tough time, especially if you are going out for the first time. While local taxi drivers or rental car providers often provide you with well-trained guides to make your journey seamless. Also distracted driving in provinces like Alberta can also be a problem especially when you are unfamiliar with them.

The Final Verdict

Canada is a lovely place to travel, but buying a new car will be an expensive option, especially if we add up fuel, registration, and insurance costs. So, it’s recommended to use public transport in cities because Canada has one of the extensive public transport systems in the world. For remote areas, ride-sharing can make your life easier. For those areas, where none of such facilities are available, prefer renting a car along with driver so roads might not confuse you.

Happy Travelling!

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