How to Upgrade Your Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is an excellent entry point for people looking to drive a vehicle from the world’s hottest car company. Today, the Tesla Model 3 is the 16th best-selling vehicle in the world, with increases in sales being seen from year to year.

What stands out about Tesla is that this is the car company that has switched to a DLC model, with regular upgrades available to car owners. Many of these upgrades are free, but what can you upgrade, and how do you do it?

Can You Upgrade Your Tesla Model 3?

Most of the upgrades associated with the Tesla Model 3 have been provided by Tesla completely free of charge.

In recent years, Tesla has also offered several optional upgrades. These are software-based upgrades that are not required but will improve your vehicle’s performance. The two most popular software-based upgrades include Full Self Driving for $10,000 and Acceleration Boost for $2,000 in the U.S.

Certain hardware upgrades are also available if required to allow the software to run. For example, some drivers who purchased the Full Self Driving package discovered that they needed better hardware to support the upgrade.

In these cases, you can organize a service appointment, and the hardware upgrades will be provided free of charge.

In terms of aftermarket purchases, you can add features like spoilers, tow-hitches, and Tesla window tinting.

There are some limitations to upgrades. For example, you cannot change from the Long Range package to the Performance package since these upgrades are tied to the internal motor machinery.

Some non-Tesla upgrades are available, but you need to be aware that they may interfere with the vehicle’s internal mechanisms and invalidate your ability to continue to receive updates from Tesla.

Upgrading Your Model 3 with Tesla

If you decide to upgrade your Model 3 with a Tesla package, it’s as easy as making sure your vehicle is compatible. Firstly, you need to check that the package is available with the Model 3, as not all of them are.

You should also ensure that your car’s software has been fully updated. If you’re still using a legacy option, the newest upgrades will be incompatible with your vehicle.

If you do decide to buy one of Tesla’s packages for the Model 3, you can do so via the Tesla app or online in your browser by signing into your Tesla account.

As of this writing, there are not too many paid upgrade options. For now, the most popular choice is the Acceleration Boost upgrade. It boosts your acceleration by reducing your 0-60 mph time from 4.4 seconds to 3.9 seconds.

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Once you’ve purchased the upgrade and downloaded it, your car should receive more power immediately. In most cases, it may only take a few minutes. Just ensure that you turn the vehicle off and back on again to experience your upgrade.

Previously, Tesla has always provided its updates free of charge, including where performance was concerned. In 2017, one such upgrade took a full second off of Tesla Model 3 0-60 mph times. These free updates are expected to be a thing of the past, with the company looking to diversify its revenue streams to achieve profitability.

Aesthetic Aftermarket Updates

Aftermarket updates that change the look and feel of your Tesla are well-tolerated by the company. For the most part, your service center will not take umbrage if you decide to alter the color of your car or add some spoilers.

Make sure you look up the terms and conditions of your Tesla Model 3 to ensure that an upgrade will not invalidate your warranty or ability to receive new upgrades.

Moreover, you will need to take the time to find an automotive dealership that performs Tesla upgrades. These vehicles are unlike any other and require a professional who understands how they work to avoid causing problems. They don’t operate in the same manner as the classic internal-combustion car.

Finally, be aware that Tesla also provides aesthetic upgrades, and occasionally at a lower price than competing garages. Always shop around to ensure you get the best deal on your upgrades.

Third-Party Tesla Model 3 Upgrades

On the other hand, companies have opted to hack the Tesla Model 3 by digging into Tesla’s software and applying upgrades that change the car entirely. These upgrades may need to be performed in a garage, but an increasing number of DIY kits allow you to achieve the enhancements yourself.

These hacks are marketed as more affordable than Tesla upgrades while boosting performance further than anything the company currently offers.

However, you need to consider whether third-party Tesla Model 3 upgrades are for you. Tampering with your vehicle in this way will invalidate your warranty and lose your ability to receive Tesla upgrades.

For Tesla owners, this is a serious problem because it’s like being unable to receive updates for your laptop’s operating system. While it may not cause any issues in the short term, there’s no telling what could happen in the years to come.

If you decide to opt for third-party Tesla Model 3 upgrades, you need to choose the right company. Make sure the company in question guarantees to offer continuing support for your Tesla. These are complex cars, and going with the wrong provider could cause serious issues going forward.


Upgrading your Tesla Model 3 is far simpler than doing so with an internal-combustion vehicle. For the most part, it’s a matter of clicking a button in your Tesla app and allowing the update to download. You may need to take your Tesla to your nearest service center for a free hardware upgrade in the worst-case scenario.

Going further with your upgrades by engaging third-party providers is trickier and may lead to you not receiving additional updates in the future.

Think carefully about moving outside the Tesla ecosystem when upgrading your Model 3.


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