When you are searching for motorcycle and ATV parts online, you may be most interested in the aftermarket parts that can help you go faster. However, the first item on your shopping list should be a good-quality helmet. Whether you are hitting the dirt trails or flying down the highway, having a helmet that fits properly is essential.


Size and Shape


When you are shopping for a helmet, you need to know the size you are looking for. This can be broken down into two main measurements: the shape and the circumference of your head.


The shape of your head (in terms of helmets) can either be a long oval, intermediate oval or round oval. The first of these means that your head is significantly longer from front to back than it is wide (side to side). A round oval means that your head is about the same width and length. Intermediate oval is roughly in the middle of those two options.


Helmets are sized based on head circumference. Take a tailor’s tape measure and measure the fullest part of your skull. This is likely about half an inch above your eyebrows. Helmet sizes are only cranial circumference; you don’t need to include your ears.


Once you know the right helmet shape and your head circumference, simply consult the brand’s sizing chart to determine the proper size for you. You should be able to easily find multiple helmets that would work.


Proper Fit


Once you receive your helmet, you need to check that it is a good fit. This is true whether you buy it in a traditional store or online. Just like if you scoop up some ATV tires on sale, you need to check that they will work well with your vehicle, you need to check that your awesome new helmet will work for your head. After all, it is protecting you from serious injury.


Put the helmet on and check that it fits snuggly but comfortably. Remember that the padding will loosen a little with use. So, when your helmet is brand new, it should be slightly tight but not painful. Additionally, you need to be sure that there are no hot spots of pressure. If it is overly tight or loose in any area, that means the fit isn’t quite right.




Don’t forget to order the right type of helmet for your needs. Full-face helmets are the most protective and ideal for street riding. Of course, many people prefer open-face or even half helmets for comfort. While these offer less protection, they are far better than nothing. If you expect to be off-roading, consider an off-road or dual-sport helmet. These will protect your face against mud while you ride.


Order Today


The next time you are checking out some of those dirt bike parts online, head over to the helmet page. When you find the right helmet that fits perfectly, you’ll be a happy rider. There is nothing more important than ensuring your safety when you ride. Order your new helmet today using the guide above.


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