I am going to warn you right from the off. Transmission repair won’t be a cheap fix. If anything, it can cost several thousands of dollars and it usually depends on the extent of the damage. It’s generally cheaper to fix small problems but when you have to do a complete transmission rebuilding, you must be ready to spend a pretty penny. This is because it’s difficult to isolate the problem in the first place.

Remember that Mercedes automatikgetriebe requires that the transmission be first removed from the chassis before taking it apart. The mechanic will then need to check out so many internal parts to identify the source of the problem. Therefore, a lot of the cost of repairing the transmission will be for labor. Remember that parts are also expensive and will add to the bill. Read on to learn about the main transmission repair cost elements.

What is the Average Cost of Transmission Repair?

On average, the cost of repairing your Mercedes automatic transmission will be anywhere between $1500 and $4000. It depends on whether you only want a low-end repair or an entire rebuild. Usually, the cost of low-end repairs ranges from $1500 to $1800 with a whole rebuild costing in the excess of $3000 in most cases.

This is certainly expensive, and it’s why we usually recommend that you take your vehicle for routine transmission maintenance. Not only will this prevent the problem from developing into something big but also bring your Mercedes automatikgetriebe reparatur costs down. Another factor that will determine how much you fork toward fixing your transmission repair is the mechanic you choose to bring your car to and the extent of the damage. Bringing your vehicle to a reputable repair service will cost you more for obvious reasons. However, it is well worth it considering the quality of service you will receive. The following are some of the factors that will influence the transmission repair price:

The severity of the damage: Just as we have mentioned already if the repairs involved are low end, expect to pay considerably less than a complete rebuild. For obvious reasons, a well-maintained transmission tends to cost less compared to one that has been subjected to all manner of abuse.

Make and model: Usually, luxury imported vehicles cost more to repair than other cars. Another thing is how rare or old your vehicle is. As stated already, hard-to-obtain parts will be more expensive, and therefore, the older the car, the costlier it will be to repair.

The Auto Repair Shop You Choose: The shop you choose to take your car for repair will also have a bearing on the price you will pay at the end of the day. The more experienced, and trustworthy shops like ATT24 will cost a little bit more but usually, guarantee excellent workmanship and service. To avoid being overcharged, check a few shops in your area to get the best quotes.

Manual or Automatic Transmission: When you have an automatic transmission to repair, you should prepare to pay more than a manual transmission, and the reason is because of the many parts that have to be checked. This generally is equal to more labor that drives up the price. Also, an automatic transmission is generally a lot more complex compared to the manual one. In many cases, the source of many manual transmission problems is traceable to the clutch, which makes it easier to fix than an automatic transmission.  

Parts: Over the years, the cost of parts has risen, mainly because the newer ones are made using better materials that are lighter, smaller but stronger. Also, most of today’s vehicles use a lot of electronic components that aren’t cheap. Another cost-driving factor is the relative hardness of obtaining the parts.

Cost of Living: Another determinant of the transmission cost is the cost of living. 

If you live in an area where the cost of living is higher, for instance in California, you will be charged more for fixing your transmission. You might want to venture outside your area to find better quotes.

Transmission Repair Cost vs Transmission Replacement Cost

In most cases, if the extent of transmission damage is too bad, it might be cheaper to replace it than to try and fix it. That’s right. There are even instances where repairing the transmission is more expensive than the cost of the vehicle! If you are faced with such a situation, it will be wiser to replace the vehicle or the transmission than going ahead with a complete rebuilding of the transmission system.

If your transmission has over 100,000 miles logged, would take longer to diagnose and repair, is almost failing, or the repair costs are projected to be more than the replacement expenses, it would be better to replace it instead.

You will generally have to pay more if it takes longer to diagnose the problem. Not only does buying a new transmission costs less but also lasts longer. For a transmission that has logged relatively low miles and the problem is smaller, the best thing would be to repair the transmission. If you are torn between repair and replacing your transmission, ask multiple reputable and trustworthy shops for advice.

If you choose to repair your transmission, it’s critically important that you choose a shop because it offers a lower price. In most cases, cheaper repairs are shoddier, and will soon lead to more problems. Let your mechanic explain to you what’s the problem with the transmission, the best way to fix it, and the cost it will take. In case you opt for transmission replacement, you might want to go the route of re-manufactured or used transmissions. They tend to be cheaper.


The transmission repair cost is one of the most expensive repairs you will ever make on your car. To bring the costs down, make sure you carry out routine maintenance (such as at your local Nissan auto repair shop). Sometimes, however, the cost of repairing your transmission might be more than the cost of the car itself. It is, therefore, important to consider several factors before deciding on what to do.

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