An OEM suspension just isn’t enough to handle extreme lift kits, heavy loads or demanding trails. While you’re shopping for the best lift kits and wheel and tire packages, find out how you can optimize your lifted vehicle’s suspension for a smooth, stable ride wherever the road takes you.


Choose a Comprehensive Kit


A lift kit requires a whole range of aftermarket parts. Increasing the height of your ride typically requires new shocks, steering stabilizers, improved brakes, control arms and other components. The best way to ensure you receive all these must-have components is to invest in a comprehensive kit.


A full kit not only gives you all the pieces you need, but it ensures they all match up for a hassle-free upgrade. Whether you’re turning this project over to your trusted mechanic or tackling it in your own garage, you’ll save time and money by choosing a complete kit.


Compare kits based on your make, model and year of vehicle. Some kits have a wide range of acceptable vehicles, while others are quite specific. Don’t try to ram a kit into a vehicle that it doesn’t match, but shop for the exact match you need.


Consider the amount of play you want in your ride. Some suspension systems are designed to give you a smooth ride on asphalt, while others are rigid and capable of protecting you from severe impacts.


Part Out Your Suspension


If you already have a lift kit, you can still enjoy an optimized suspension. Choose control arms, shocks, steering knuckles, differential drop brackets and truck parts on sale individually to tailor your ride. A comprehensive kit may save you some cash, but it won’t give you the same level of customization as individual purchases.


Shop around for various aftermarket components to build your own kit. This will help you tailor your kit to your driving experience. Do you need uncompromising suspension while bouldering or navigating a difficult trail? Or are you looking for a smooth, stable ride and killer looks as you cruise down the street? Optimize your suspension your way to enjoy the features that are a priority for you.


A common aftermarket option is a steering stabilizer. A lifted vehicle can easily be jostled out of control when cruising down a trail. A sudden pothole or curve may be all it takes to launch you into a ditch. Thankfully, steering stabilizers help you keep control of your vehicle on demanding trails.


Look for Sales


Take your time comparing different suspension components. There are plenty of options available when you’re shopping online, so shop for sales to save money on your full kit. You may be surprised to find great deals on leading brands and lifted vehicle suspension components.


Shop for Your Specific Ride


Your suspension is a serious part of your ride, so don’t play around with off-brand accessories or improperly sized components. Invest in jeep lift kits or all the aftermarket parts you need to lift and stabilize your vehicle. Enjoy a stable, smooth ride with your lifted Jeep or truck to tackle any trail.


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