Getting into a car accident is life-changing because of the resulting trauma and economic losses. Accidents are often unpredictable. No one is ever prepared for one; therefore as a driver, any day behind the wheel could be your day. Regardless of the type of car, any car can get involved in an accident despite its power. For Lexington residents, having a Lexington car accident lawyer can always offer guidance on the next cause of action in the event of a car accident. 

Despite having a lawyer in your case, remember that your wellbeing is solely a personal responsibility. Therefore, if undertaken immediately after your car accident, some actions can increase the chances of success in a car accident claim. Any claim needs valid evidence for it to be successful; therefore, your claim is not exempt. 

The following actions, coupled with the help of a car accident lawyer, can increase your chances of success and help you gain maximum benefit from your car accident claim. 

Contact the Police

The police can play an invaluable role in helping you file a successful claim. The police’s role at the scene of the accident scene is neutral; hence any information they record is as per the available circumstances at the scene of the accident. When the police take a record of your accident, it becomes easy to build a credible case because the police documents can act as a reference point. 

Notably, when you leave the scene of the accident before the police arrive, that alone is grounds for criminal charges that may lead to constant investigations. Additionally, leaving the accident scene without contacting the police might lower your chances of success in your accident claim. In case of any injuries, the police and medical professionals, who are often the first responders, can provide the required emergency assistance. In general, the one duty you have after your car accident is not to leave the scene until the police arrive. However, in the case of serious injuries, medical attention should always be a priority. 

Make a Proper Analysis of your Damages

Damages can either be material, personal injury damages, or both. The insurance company will need convincing of why you deserve to be compensated. The estimate of your damages is supposed to come from you; otherwise, an insurance company will always grab any available chance to underpay you. A good car accident lawyer can help you arrive at an estimate driven from the expenses incurred. Always keep every record of any financial expense incurred as a result of the accident if you at all intend to have admissible evidence for your claim. 

When documenting damages, most victims don’t realize that PTSD arising from a car accident can warrant compensation. If you have visited a therapist due to PTSD symptoms, you are entitled to damages for pain and suffering. Where necessary, your therapist can become a key witness in your case to prove the alleged PTSD. Therefore always ensure that you keep all records of treatment for mental health as they can be good evidence in your claim. 

Call a Lawyer Before Talking to Your Insurance Company

Your car accident lawyer’s role is to ensure that your best interests are represented. If your insurance company is the first to reach out, any response you give should be with your attorney’s guidance. A competent auto accident lawyer knows how to handle negotiations with insurance companies to secure maximum profit. If you would like to find out more, do visit These lawyers are specialized in this niche and are able to guide you through the entire process.

Your lawyer can always tell when an insurance company is trying to exploit the situation. Where negotiations have hit a dead end because the insurance company doesn’t seem to agree on your proposal, litigation is also an option for securing maximum compensation. Even though settlement through the court process might take longer than you had anticipated, a competent accident lawyer can expedite proceedings. A case done through the court system can be too technical to handle on your own, making it necessary to work with an attorney.


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