From regular maintenance and new tires to gas, several cost considerations come with owning a car. Auto insurance is another expense that comes with owning a car. Even though auto insurance coverage can be expensive, it is required in most places. However, to help mitigate some of those costs, many insurers offer various discounts to lower your rates. If you are a disabled military veteran, you might qualify for substantial additional savings.

If you have served the country in any capacity of the armed forces, you are a member of a select group. As such, you typically qualify for discounts on numerous things, from cell phone plans to automobiles. Auto insurance is no exception, as a majority of companies offer military and veteran discounts. As discussed, most states require that drivers carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Whether you are a veteran or not, you probably have to have liability insurance where you live. Additionally, many drivers opt for collision and comprehensive coverage to provide extra protection.

Whether you are looking for liability insurance or full coverage options, it can be expensive. If you are a disabled military veteran, you might be on a limited income and require low insurance rates. The good news is that any disabled veteran who has been honorably discharged can qualify for a military discount. Let’s take a look at disabled veteran auto discounts in 2021.

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What insurance discounts are available to disabled military veterans?

As a token of appreciation for your military service, many insurance companies offer significant discounts to armed forces members. While there aren’t usually specific military discounts targeting disabled veterans, there are numerous deductions and coverage options for active and veteran military service members. Across the board, military members receive an average insurance premium discount of around 15 percent.

As a disabled veteran, you can qualify for a deduction off rates for just about any available auto insurance product. Specific insurance companies like USAA only cater to military personnel and their families. You can find a number of potential savings and low rates with USAA. Additionally, Geico and Safeco offer specific pricing for retired military veterans. Finding low rates for an auto insurance policy will take some comparison shopping to locate the best military discounts and coverages that are right for you.

How do you qualify for discount military veteran insurance?

If you served your country and were honorably discharged, you should qualify for a military discount on your auto policy. To apply for military benefits, the insurance company will likely require proof of your service. Each insurance company has its own policies and rules, so the documentation required might differ. As a general rule, your discharge certificate or other military ID will be enough. Additionally, not all insurance companies advertise their military discount rates. You may need to inquire specifically about any available rates.

How can you get discounted insurance?

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Whether you are a veteran or not, there are many factors that insurance companies consider to determine premium rates. Depending on your situation, you will be viewed as a lower- or higher-risk driver. If you are a veteran looking for car insurance, you may qualify for a military discount as well as other special pricing. Many companies offer deductions for multi-car policies, bundling other types of policies, and setting up certain payment options. Additionally, you may qualify for a good driver discount or discounts for having certain safety equipment in your car.

The best way to find low rates and military discounts is by comparison shopping. Online comparison tools allow you to enter basic information and receive multiple quotes from various insurers. Comparison shopping will allow you to consider all of your policy, coverage, plan, and insurer options.

If you are a disabled veteran, there are numerous car insurance options and military discounts available. With some time and research, you can find the policy, coverage, and rate that works best for you.

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