Hilarious, Not Completely Factual Video About Octopi

This is a video called True Facts About The Octopus. It’s by Youtuber ZeFrank1 who learns us all kinds of super interesting things about the floppy floppy spiders of the sea. I feel smart! All of the footage was shot on location at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which, here’s a fun fact for ya: it’s pretty chill to get high and wander around there. OR SO I’VE HEARD. Jk jk, it’s how I spend a lot of my time. What can I say, I’m unemployed!


Thanks to my pal Larvious for the tip. He and I, we love octos. Octos and Taco Bell. It’s kinda like our thing. Don’t be jelly!

Via: PetFlow

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