Smart homes are houses equipped with technology that allows residents to control appliances and devices remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. This can be done on a mobile device or other connected devices with an internet connection. The appliances in a smart home are interconnected through the internet.

This allows the residents to control functions such as lighting, temperature, security access, and more through a linked device which serves as the central point. Homeowners can include smart home technology in their properties to make them more attractive and convenient for renters.

How to Find Smart Home Rent Offers

Smart homes are a popular option for many renters due to the convenience and efficiency they offer. If you are interested in living in a smart home, there are certain ways through which you can find rent offers. Here are some effective ways to find smart home rent offers:

Rental Sites

By visiting rental sites, you can find available smart home rent offers. Rental sites list available rental offers based on different categories. A rental website such as Rentola offers a platform where you can find available rental homes based on a variety of search criteria. For example, you can find Stockholm apartments for rent based on the number of bedrooms, rent price, type of rental, etc.

Ask Around

When looking for smart home rent offers, it doesn’t hurt to ask around. Sometimes, you can get good rent offers by asking people in your social circle. They may know about a sublease or someone looking for a roommate. However, when going for a sublease, ensure that the rent contract allows subletting. If it doesn’t and you move in, you might be kicked out. Also, you can visit any area of your choice and you may be lucky to find smart homes for rent.

Consult a Real Estate Agent

Apart from buying and selling properties, a real estate agent can also help you find available smart homes for rent in an area of your choice. Some real estate agents also offer property management services. They could help look around for smart home rentals since they are connected in the real estate industry. To find the right agent for your needs, read about them here.

Social Media

Social media offers many benefits. One of the benefits is being able to easily connect with people and find what you are looking for. If you are looking for smart home rent offers, you can join local rental groups on different platforms to find available rental offers. Also, you can connect with people moving out of smart homes or people who are also looking for rental offers.

Things to Consider When Renting a Smart Home

Before you rent a smart home, there are certain factors to consider such as budget, security, appliances, etc. Here are the top factors to consider when renting a smart home:


One of the first things to consider when renting a smart home or any other property is your budget. You should have a clear budget when looking for a property. It is important to note that smart homes typically cost more than regular apartments due to the added features. Also, the maintenance costs for the added devices can add to the rental costs. Before you sign the rental agreement, you should look out for any additional charges you may be required to pay.


When looking to rent a smart home, you should look out for one that has the facilities you need. There are essential facilities for smart homes such as smart lighting, smart security systems, smart cameras, etc. Smart lighting allows you to bypass manual switches and control them remotely.

Smart homes with smart lighting allow you to control the lights through sensors, cameras, or other devices. Another essential feature is the smart security system. You should look out for smart homes with efficient security systems. Look out for security systems with smart sensors, motion sensors and smart locks.

Smart home technology also offers more control over heating devices. Through temperature or humidity sensors, heating can be turned on or off automatically. Smart home technology can also control air conditioning. Check if this is present before you rent a smart home.

Controlling home heating temperature with a smart home, close-up on phone. Concept of a smart home and mobile application for managing smart devices at home

There are other additional facilities to look out for such as smart smoke detectors, smart speakers, and others. Lastly, confirm if you can make modifications to suit your taste and what type of modifications are allowed.

Condition of the Property

Apart from finding a smart home with adequate facilities, you should also consider the condition of the property before signing the rental agreement. When renting a smart home, you should get enough value for your money.

The home as well as the appliances should be in good condition. Check if the security systems are active and secure. If there are any issues, confirm if they can be fixed before you move in.

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