Hello Kitty House: Dream Vacation for Happy Kids and Sad Adults

Hello Kitty House: Dream Vacation for Happy Kids and Sad Adults

I won’t ask why someone designed and built a Hello Kitty house—after all, dedicated fans will do anything to show affection for their favorite characters. I will however ask if this is the result of a 5-year-old girl winning the lottery, divorcing her parents and hiring an architect, because I don’t know who else would want to live surrounded by this many pink bows. Actually, no one does live in the Hello Kitty house—it’s rented out as a vacation home. (Probably because even die-hard Sanrio fans can’t handle that much pink for more than a week) So if you’ve been planning a trip to Taiwan and love Hello Kitty more than life itself, then you’re welcome—we just found your dream vacation. Of course if you really love Hello Kitty THAT much you might already have a similar home décor.

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  • Yolanda Kitty Mabanga

    I love hello kitty and would love to go on a vacation because I have never been in one of those gladly even I don’t win I will still keep trying… Lots of love YKM.

  • I wish this were my house, I would die to live here! 😀 I LOVE YOU, HELLO KITTY!

  • Mother of Adelyana

    My 4 year old daughter just saw this photo and said ‘ooooooo, I want to live in that house!’

  • me

    how much

  • midnightswirl

    omg iam from taiwan and i love hello kitty i will defenatly check this out!

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