Investing your time and resources in attempting to build a successful online business via Amazon’s marketplace calls for an effective addition of seller tools. One such crucial tool is a (Fulfillment by Amazon) FBA software that ensures quick turnaround times in case of lapses by Amazon.


This includes quicker processing of returns due to damaged deliveries, defected products, or even incorrect addresses. You also get a one-stop platform for executing quicker re-deliveries while reaping effortless shipping management and logistics advantages.


Besides, if you’re shelling out hundreds of dollars on Amazon’s FBA feature, it’s best to shell out a little more and acquire a top-quality Amazon FBA software. We have curated a list of the best Amazon FBA software to use in 2020:


  1. Amazon Seller Central App


The power of easy-to-read statistics in basic graphs and KPIs on your screen makes it simpler to flourish as a seller on Amazon’s marketplace. If you’re looking to acquire a greater degree of control over your FBA-oriented sales, you must be equipped to deal with Etail’s spectrum.


The Amazon Seller Central App will ensure you have it in your hands to keep your inventory organized to improve your gross margin return on investment. You get to study sales analytics and the added benefit of using intelligent purchase planning techniques based on seasonality and sales history.


There is no better way to use the application than to check your inventory status constantly. Eliminate products that sell slowly and increase the efficiency of your profitable orders. Above all, you can even fulfill multichannel orders through the application.


  1. Sellics


Not being able to figure out how to regulate the storage space you require of Amazon warehouses? Need to get a better grasp of your sales volumes to sustain a consistent profit? Sellics is an exceptional software that can offer hassle-free tracking of profits, inventory management, and fully-automated PPC campaigns.


With real-time data processing, your data is continuously updated and can be accessed while on the go. Zero efforts are required to calculate PPC fees, shipping costs, and even taxes. Most importantly, all packing and shipping related information will be collected and easily accessible if you want to run a quick verification check for accounting or future strategizing purposes.


  1. CamelCamelCamel


Thriving on Amazon on a tight budget, yet, you want to utilize the services of as many sellers tools as possible? CamelCamelCamel is a free tool that will help you maximize the gains of Amazon’s FBA plan.


You can get real-time data based on product price drops and even competitor product changes. Does your online business depend heavily on strategy? If yes, then the free Amazon price history chart can reveal profitable nitty-gritty information based on your product listings category.


Apart from offering your customers the privilege of Amazon Prime, you can capitalize on the quick-catching of price drops by setting alerts. The trick is in figuring out the time bracket that calls for most price drops. Once you get an idea of the pattern, you can make scheduled iterations to your product listings accordingly.


  1. Jungle Scout


What if you could complement the warehouse space Amazon’s FBA plan offers and have an accessible channel to source reliable suppliers? Jungle Scout (a chrome extension) helps do exactly the same!


You can build your own network of suppliers and directly link and access their Amazon FBA account information. This lets sellers track products from various suppliers, while also ensuring their online sales game is strengthened with the best products that make a difference in helping customers find what they are looking for.


Sellers looking to enhance the speed at which they can scale their business can obtain optimized listings along with Google-centric keyword placement for best results.


  1. Market Intelligence


Another chrome extension, Market Intelligence, lets you access a larger scope of data to better determine your product’s overall strength for the marketplace. Apart from getting a position in the Buy Box (97% chance), you also find out the approximate amount of customer reviews that can help burgeon your product sales.


Being an FBA member, you will get access to patterns regarding Amazon’s best sellers sales activity. This extension will compare the best sellers’ data with yours and give out a value for the ideal number of units that need to be sold to increase the ranking on Amazon’s product search results substantially.


  1. FBA Revenue Calculator

Eg: AMZScout’s Chrome extension


Are you attempting to make a solid plan by comparing and studying niche-relevant products on Amazon? AMZScout plays the role of an FBA revenue calculator by calculating any charges related to FBA while searching through products on Amazon.


Despite being free and possessing an impeccable support team, it displays a range of data entry fields that help you make the most of your FBA membership. You won’t have to create formula-intensive excels to build upon product ideas when you can access an automated FBA revenue calculator from your toolbar itself.


  1. FBA Refunds

Eg: Refund Retriever


Can’t afford to invest resources in assuring your shipment providers are doing a good and reliable job? This software will help you audit all UPS and FedEx invoices to bust any illegal and faulty discrepancies in shipment costs. In case you were charged extra or unfairly, this software assures the process to acquire the refund is automated and requires less than a couple of minutes of your time.


Being an FBA member, chances are you deal in large product quantities and regularly have to move back and forth between invoices to verify if your shipment service provider hasn’t added up extra dollars or inputted accurate information.


Refund Retriever will substantially cut-down your shipping overhead, while also improving your shipping operations by creating situations that reduce shipping costs for a grouped order.




Being an Amazon seller along with the privilege of FBA, you must leave no stone unturned when it comes to choosing the right seller software to improve your usage of FBA. Once this critical decision is made you should then consider scaling your business with a reputable Amazon agency like


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