Over 90% of the world’s top 100 brands have Instagram business accounts. This is because these brand owners have seen and perhaps witnessed its power and effectiveness. Instagram business accounts were introduced in 2016. This idea was rejected because an idea similar to it -business Facebook pages, generated less reach and followers. However, the use of Instagram business accounts has beat the expectation of many with its effectiveness and has taken the lead in Instagram organic growth service.  The cons of using Instagram business account include: not having private posts and connecting only to the owner’s business Facebook page, however, it’s benefits are plentiful and would be discussed below.


What are the benefits of Instagram business accounts?


The benefits of an Instagram business account are broad and can be divided into Instagram Insights, Contact access, Instagram ads, links, quick replies, and restricted tags.


  1. Instagram Insights: this can be divided into insights on contents, activity insights, and audience insights. Just like Google Analytics, Instagram Insights gives detailed population analysis on activities going on in a business account. Contest insights, for instance, show information such as a number of likes, impressions, followers, saves, and even profile visits for every Instagram post. It is advantageous in such a way that a business owner can critically analyze those details, choose contents with the most positive feedback, and disregard the rest. Activity insights on the other hand give details like a number of web clicks, how many new accounts viewed a post, and how many accounts revisited. Lastly, audience insights display the ages, locations, and even the gender of followers. Interestingly, it shows a demographic view of the average time account’s followers come online. This gives an idea of when to upload photos and videos to get maximum positive feedback.
  2. Contact access: another strong benefit of an Instagram business account is the availability of the contact button.  Unlike a normal Instagram account, the options to display a phone number, email address, and location are given to Instagram business accounts. These options when clicked by a brand’s followers will redirect them to the call screen, email app, or phone location respectively.
  3. Instagram ads: with enough budget, a company can run Instagram ads. Also, the Instagram app gives an opportunity to choose the best places where they can be placed.
  4. Links: links can only be put on an Instagram user’s bio, not on their Instagram stories or posts. However, a key feature of an Instagram business account is the ability to paste links on Instagram stories. This helps to redirect followers to websites and blogs.
  5. Quick replies: due to the numerous comments that a business account will generate, Instagram has provided a feature called “quick replies” to help business owners in replying to comments.
  6. Restricted tagging: Instagram business accounts have a feature that prevents other Instagram users from tagging a business account without the permission of the owner. This is to reduce false claims of brand endorsement.

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