Before you are allowed to rent office space, you need to provide a deposit which serves as the bond. You will collect it once you finish the lease. Your landlord will first check the space to determine if everything is in order. The landlord could also deduct a certain amount from the deposit if the office space has damage or other issues.

Since you also need to give a deposit for the new office space, you want to receive the full deposit back. These tips will help you achieve that goal.

Fix all damage

You need to ensure that the place is damage-free before leaving. If there are electrical problems, you need to fix them. You might also want to repaint the walls, but it requires the permission of the landlord. Make sure that no big issue will make the landlord decide to take an amount off the bond for repairs. Besides, you will also benefit from doing the fixes yourself since you can choose who will do it and how much you will spend. If the landlord does it, the same repair might cost a lot more.

Inform the landlord in advance about your decision 

Your landlord needs to find someone to replace you if you decide to move out. It takes time looking for possible tenants. Hence, they usually indicate in the contract the time to inform about your decision before you vacate. If you fail to do so, your landlord might apply penalties. If you are unsure about the decision, you can tell the landlord too, and negotiate the terms.

Pay your dues 

Late payment of rental fees could lead to fines. If you do not pay the penalties, the landlord can easily deduct that amount from the deposit. Utility bills also needed immediate payment before leaving. You have to clear everything out to be safe. While you are at it, you also need to inform the companies you partnered with that you are moving to a different location. You might still want to continue their service, but you need a different billing address. You can do it now to avoid mixing things up.

Clean the place 

You can ask for help from your employees to clean the site before you leave. At the very least, each employee needs to be responsible for packing their stuff. For general cleaning, you can hire the services of experts like End of Tenancy Cleaning London to come over and do the job. They will ensure that it looks new even if you have stayed there for a couple of years. You do not want to irritate the landlord by leaving a messy place.

When you run a small business, every penny counts. You want to get your entire deposit back and not have any issues at all. Whether or not the company currently needs the cash, you need to find a way not to have any deductions at all. And if you’re looking for cleaning services in the Plano TX area, you can check the  Trusted Office Cleaning Company in Plano TX – The Cleaning Force.

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