As the world was forced inside the four walls as a consequence of the global emergency, the idea of remote working rose to power. Even as the restrictions are beginning to ease, it is likely that we will still witness an ascend in the hybrid teams. It indicates the rotational shifts between employees for working from the office. 

A rise in remote working has further escalated the need to deliver employee training remotely. Traditional methods of training and online training method are two completely different when it comes to effectiveness. 

Learning management systems has made it easier for the corporate world to execute and track training that is being initiated online. This cloud-based software enables trainers to automatically inform the users about remote sessions, give access to learning materials, track the progress, and offers reporting engines.

With a shift from face-to-face to digital training, it is essential for one to have all the tips mentioned below to deliver training remotely in an effective and efficient manner. 

Tips to deliver effective leadership training remotely 

  • Choose a reliable LMS 

The first tip is to select an LMS that comprises of all those features that you need to meet your goals. A few of the common features that every LMS should provide include: 

  • Mobile learning support 
  • Easy to use 
  • Certificate management 
  • Gamification tools 
  • Reporting capabilities 
  • Personalized learning paths 
  • Brand integration 

These are just a few features that you can look for when planning to invest in an LMS. Many are under an impression that this investment is expensive. However, with the right features, such as in Docebo, this can come to be a cost-effective decision. 

  • Create a training schedule 

Increasing the retention span is often a challenge for online training. In order to keep the learners motivated, it is best to create a transparent schedule. This will enable the learners to mark their calendars and avoid any confusion in regards to the attendance. LMS Calendar is one of the holistic features that makes it easier for you to schedule a suitable time and date. You can now simply avoid using spreadsheets, attendance reports, and other dozen files to do this task for you.  

  • Create a checklist 

Another thing to keep in mind when planning to deliver a remote employee training is to create a checklist for yourself before it begins. As we have already discussed, online training can sometimes be a hassle as you try to maintain several elements at once. From learning material to the experience that one is getting, there are plenty of factors that need management. This is where a checklist becomes an aid. 

  • Ensure engagement 

With an ascend in popularity of the situation-based training, it is clear that learners prefer trainings that is solving their issues. This signifies that you should incorporate real-world situations into your sessions in order to keep users motivated. It is also suggested to make use of infographics, pie charts, and other graphics instead of just text to make the presentation more fun. It will offer several opportunities for you to engage in discussions and get feedback. 

  • Share resources 

Last but not the least tip that you should always keep in mind is to share your resources at the end of every session with the users. This will help learners to pay attention and also revise what they learn from your training. These resources can be in the form of quick reference cards, a document, or maybe an interactive workbook that learners can practice from. Giving links to various videos could also be a good resource. 


These are a few tips that you should keep in mind to deliver remote training effectively. Do not forget to invest in a good LMS to make the transition from analog electrical technology to digital electricals easier. 


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