Tips to Become a Self-Employed Tradesperson

Tips to Become a Self-Employed Tradesperson

The Big Picture


Who doesn’t like being their own boss? We have an excellent plan for you to become a self-employed tradesperson.


You’re welcome!


Let’s walk through the brave path of building a career on your own without having to worry about working under others.


From one perspective, it may seem so tough. But, in fact, it’s just a matter of 4 elements:


  1. Determined Decision
  2. Good planning
  3. Hard Work
  4. Perseverance.


If you think you can do all the above four things effectively, you can be sure you’re done. You really deserve to dream of a day when you’re your own boss.


Let’s get into the details.


Pros and Cons


Let’s first consider the pros and cons of being self-employed as a whole.




  • You choose the field of your interest. So you can work with fun and interest.
  • You can deal with more than one client or project at a time.
  • You can work with flexible hours, and you have enough opportunity to help your family with some household chores.
  • You can take a day or two or even a week off whenever you think you’d like to spend time on the wonderful Jamaican sea beach with your family.
  • You have no limit of going up the stairs of success. You grow your business, expand it, resize it, or remodel it any time you think you need and it’s convenient.




  • Starting a business mostly needs some money. Starting it empty-handed is not at all practical and professional.
  • During your failure or loss, no one might be at your side. You’re solely responsible and liable in terms of economic loss. You need adequate backup money for an emergency.
  • It’s sometimes hard to get a loan or rent a property for a single person’s business until it’s grown into a renowned company.
  • The most vexing part is dealing with legal papers (if you need them at all) and other regulations on your own.


Decide and Plan Carefully


Having all the pros and cons in your mind, it’s time you decide exactly what your business will be and spend some time making a detailed plan.


You could go for traditional self-employment like plumbing business or become an electrician.


There is, however, a whole new and immensely great field of business: working online. This is, in fact, the mainstream business in vogue at present, and every year the scope, opportunity, and participants of online business, which has thousands of types, is growing unimaginably.


Just surf the net and see how people are busy doing thousands of jobs independently.


Preparation: Training and Tools


If you’re on the traditional line like being an automobile technician, the first thing you will need is practical training at any automobile shop.
Then you need to have all the instruments and tools to work with ease and perfection. To fetch the real client or job, the internet could be your lush green field of marketing.
If you want to grow as a professional tradesperson, you need better builder job leads with more options and opportunities. However, you still need proper training there. After all, untrained people are not getting any job in the present advanced world of proficiency and expertise.
Training creates skill and quality, which your clients and customers would appreciate, and therefore, these are your most precious capital.
For tools required in online business, you only need a personal computer or a laptop.
And for training? Go search for ‘training for online jobs’ on Google, and oh my God!, you have only 74,200,000 results!
Don’t panic. Do a specific search for your field, and you’ll find the proper source of training there.
For those who want a general concept of building a business, ‘Digital Garage’ is, most probably, the best place to start from. You learn, step by step, how to grow your own business systematically and practically.
At the end of this online training, you also get a certificate, and Google can offer you some nice jobs. Microsoft also has hundreds of certification courses, which would boost up your skill and performance.




Keeping track of how much you have invested, how much you’re spending every day for different purposes, and how much you’re earning is one of the most important tasks.


If you cannot maintain your basic income and expenditure accounting clearly, you’re almost sure to incur a loss within a short period of time.


Many promising businessmen fail because of irregular and unclear accounting of their business.




Trying to run a business without proper marketing is a sure formula for failure.


Marketing has already become a significant function for any business. In the age of the internet, more than 90% of the websites are serving as marketing faces of almost all the small and large scale businesses around the globe.


Though advertising through newspapers is a very effective way of marketing, the present trend of building a website of your own is even more effective, and as days are passing, it’s getting more and more successful.


Tax, VAT, and Insurance


These are some essentials that most personal level businessmen overlook at first and then suffer the consequences. Whether you’re wiring a house or cutting trees for timber, you need a kind of ‘cover’ in case of an accident. Here comes the word insurance. An insurance policy could save you from so many unsuspected losses.


Being clear with the tax and VAT payment ensures the safe and unrestricted advancement of your precious business.


Reputation is Everything


People know you by your reputation.


You build a reputation by only one thing: commitment. If you serve with consistency, finish your task or shipment within the time limit, and with a satisfactory outcome, you grow your reputation.


Then the only task for you is to keep hold of it. A single mistake of a moment can cause the fall of your reputation that once needed your years of toiling.


What Did We Mean by Perseverance?


Do you remember what we said about the last point of the four elements at the beginning? It was perseverance.


Putting it simply, it means you don’t give up when you fail, once or twice or even more. You find your mistakes; you change your plan; you revise your course of action; you even restart, BUT you never leave the battlefield.


The reason is also very simple. It’s all about your perspective. If you consider your failures as some practical training sessions, you could feel confident and satisfied that you have been trained well. Failures make your weaknesses manifest, only to pave the way to success.


Final Words


Every day, newer ways to make business are being introduced. People around the world are making use of them, and you can do the same.Step out, take a deep breath, and start your run with steady, confident strides.


Good luck!


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