When getting started with marketing, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the available options. From social media to trade shows, which is the best for you? The questions are especially difficult to answer if you own a small business with a limited marketing budget or no budget! Below, we’ve summarized some of the best marketing strategies you should consider for your business, which should help you decide which is the best option.


Buy advertising in magazines.

Buying ads in magazines is one of the most tried and true marketing strategies available and has been used by companies as long as print media has existed. The secret to successful print media buy is selecting the correct magazine that has the most chance of reaching your potential customers. It can be easy to focus on larger newspapers and magazines with a huge readership, thinking that this will give you better results. Selecting a very niche magazine or a paper targeted to your local area will be far cheaper to advertise in and will have a higher quality of readers than more mainstream options. It’s worth taking some time to find out what your potential customers are reading, and pick advertisements that will reach them in the most targeted way possible.


Print vinyl banners.

Another straightforward and effective way of building awareness of your business is to use vinyl banners, which are perfect for small companies due to their relatively low cost. Vinyl banners can be hung up near your physical activity to give directions to where it is and promote new offers and products or services you have available. You can also hang them up in your office or store to give customers information about upcoming events or seasonal deals. The key is to find a printer that can print on vinyl reliably and at a reasonable price, so check out www.printmoz.com/vinyl-banners for an excellent example of what to expect. You’ll need to provide a design you can do yourself or have a local graphic designer create for you.

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Facebook advertising

There are over two million small and medium-sized businesses using Facebook to advertise to their customers. Due to the massive number of people using the platform, it’s a great choice for advertising. There are two main ways to use Facebook to market your business – one is for free, and the other is by paying for greater reach using ads. Creating a Facebook page is free and a great way to interact with your customer base and share information about sales, opening times, and generally interacting by answering questions. You can then increase your reach by creating ads that will be displayed to people with particular demographics that you can choose, such as location, gender, or age, and pay for each person that clicks on the ad. This is a fantastic way to create more awareness of your target audience and is very cost-effective.


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