There are hundreds of different marketing strategies out there to help make your business successful. One strategy that has shot to the forefront and can bring in consistent sales from day one is social media advertising. Social media advertising, or social media marketing, consist of advertisements that are shown to users on social media platforms. Social networks of all kinds employ user information to show ads based on user’s interests. The platform bases these ads on the user’s interactions within a specific platform.

Often, when the target market lines up with the user demographics on a social platform, this kind of marketing can provide huge sales increases. The benefit of this is that your acquisition costs can be relatively low compared to the amount of exposure you receive. To make the best use of social media advertising, you will need to find the most effective network sites to help you achieve your needed growth.

If you are looking to capture your audience with expert analysis, you can try a social media advertising agency, to help you optimize your social media advertising strategy. They can help you get your ads in front of a larger audience. They will also know how to target the right people for your business. New social media networks are introduced almost every week. Unfortunately, most of these new networks will never gain any traction. Because of this, it’s probably best to look at the most popular platforms first and then venture out once you have profitable systems up and running. Below are three types of the most effective social media advertising strategies to use in 2020.

CHIANG MAI ,THAILAND – JAN 19, 2020 : Woman hand holding iPhone XS to use facebook with new login screen.Facebook is a largest social network and most popular social networking site in the world.

1. Facebook Advertising

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Facebook is considered a universal social media network. With more than 2 billion monthly users and 1.66 billion daily active users, Facebook hosts a large portion of the world’s population. This platform can provide advertisers with an unrivaled opportunity to reach just about anyone and everyone. Where Facebook excels is at lead generation—it’s the place to go If you want email addresses. Many advertisers are reporting costs at very affordable rates of below $1 per lead. Facebook might also be considered number one for social media marketing due to the variety in target ad customization and ad format. Advertisers can find a target audience by looking at gender, age, location, job description, interests, past activity and many other important factors in a user’s profile.

2. Instagram Advertising

While Facebook’s unprecedented number of active users make it the uncontested leader of social media, the company’s recent and most popular acquisition is shaping up to look like the new king of social advertising. Instagram now claims more than 500 million monthly active users and holds one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media. In terms of use, Instagram is now 58% higher than Facebook and 2000% higher than Twitter! This photo-sharing platform is very popular, especially among younger populations. As such, businesses with products that are visually appealing or those who can incorporate visual media into their campaigns perform better on this social media platform. Unlike a social media post, Instagram ads can be linked directly to a product page or another landing page. This allows for direct engagement with products.

3. Twitter Advertising

With 328 million monthly active users, Twitter remains one of the most popular social media platforms. While slightly behind Facebook and Instagram, Twitter remains near the top of the list. Twitter has transformed breaking news and presented unmatched access for users to connect. From powerful politicians to neighborhood watch captains, this platform engages a wide variety of users. Where Twitter shines isn’t really in its advertising. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is still a viable network for organic engagement. In other words, people are browsing Twitter without being prompted. In turn, brands don’t have to pay to reach their followers. This enhances the value of the platform even when running paid ads. Businesses use Twitter ads primarily to drive brand awareness and promote products for direct conversions.

Social media has become a staple of the online life of most people around the world. Using a social media advertising campaign is almost guaranteed to boost your sales as well as product awareness. Effectively used, these marketing strategies can utilize social media channels to drive your business.


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