Are you planning to put up a stall at a trade show event? Large events like these will help you gain exposure for your business. Trade shows are perfect for introducing new products, gaining more customers and engaging with existing clients in the area. Because trade shows often get too crowded with other business stalls and exhibits, it might get a bit difficult to catch the attention of people passing by if you don’t have the right type of promotional materials.

Fortunately, there are two types of materials you can use to promote your business, namely pop-up and roller banner stands. These are the usual types of materials used by businesses from all over the world. If you are wondering which of the two traditional marketing materials will suit your needs for an upcoming trade show, you should read on.

Understanding the type of material you will order

A lot of business owners often end up purchasing the wrong type of banner because they don’t fully understand the differences between the materials. As such, before you call in a printing company to help you produce the required material, you should carefully consider which type of banner stand to choose.

For starters, you should know that popup banner stands are the most popular choice in the market. This type of banner stand tends to leave a stronger impression on potential customers. They stand out quite easily especially in large and crowded events. However, these often come with a higher price compared to the pull up type, which requires a bit more time to set up.

If you’re eyeing something that’s about 2 meters high, you should get a roller banner. You can have it customised to any width, but the standard height tends to be limited to 2 metres. These are easier to transport and set up because of the collapsible stand. Compared to the pop-up banners, roll up banners cost less money to produce.

Knowing what works for your needs

Pull up and roll up banners are essential to any business owner who wants to take part in an exhibition, conference or trade show. When choosing, you should consider your budget, campaign needs and logistics.

If you have a tight budget, you should consider using roller banner stands – just be sure to double check the quality of the stand. See to it that it’s made from durable material so you can bring along your rollup banner to other future events.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, try using a pull up banner. While it may take a bit longer to assemble this type of banner, it will certainly catch the attention of your target customers.

Choosing between a pull up and a rollup banner isn’t really that complicated. All you need is to determine which type can satisfy all the needs of your business campaign. Once you finish conceptualising the banner’s content, you should start looking for a company which can help you print the design on your chosen type of canvass.


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