There’s no denying that operating a business has changed significantly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have had to shut their doors for months and for those that didn’t, there were serious changes made to their day to day operations. As economies around the world begin to open back up, the question on every business owner’s mind is, what will this new business landscape look like?

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Cleaning and Sanitation Practices

One of the most significant changes to the operation of businesses that are newly reopening are the increased cleaning and sanitation measures they are going to have to introduce. For both their employees and their customers, businesses are going to have to start taking cleanliness and sanitation seriously.

In addition to adopting new cleaning measures, businesses will also want to be transparent about the new measures, otherwise they risk losing both customers and even employees. Joe Lanni claims that this new level of rigorous cleaning may even take the form of a certification, where some sort of agency will assess your workplace and give you a grade or certification if you meet their standards.

Beyond the measures taken to sanitize the workplace, companies will also need to create new policies relating to employee hygiene on an individual level. For example, businesses may start requiring their employees to wash their hands on a regular basis, or to handle certain pieces of equipment in very specific ways. Of course, some businesses can also expect to have to provide personal protective equipment to any staff required to work in a shared office space or on the front lines. Gloves and face masks may become the new norm for any customer-facing positions.

COVID-19 Screening and Testing

Improving sanitation methods is the first step that all businesses reopening must take. However, according to Joe Lanni, businesses will also need to have a plan in place regarding COVID-19 testing. Even with increased cleaning measures, if any of your employees are working near other employees, there is still a risk that COVID-19 could be transmitted. Thus, for any business reopening that requires their employees to come into the workplace, especially in situations where social distancing isn’t always possible, employers will need to find a way for their employees to be regularly screened and tested.

There will also need to be isolation rooms in the workplace for anyone who believes they may have contracted the virus as well as quarantine policies. For example, it is only going to harm the business if they try to pressure workers who aren’t feeling well to keep coming into work. Businesses need to take COVID-19 and the many risks it poses seriously. Policies must be in place so that if an employee is feeling sick, they are able to stay at home and quarantine for 14 days without fear of losing their job.

Joe Lanni on Remote Working 

Finally, Joe Lanni claims that the outlook for many businesses will be switching to a remote work environment permanently. As businesses have gotten used to the “new normal” of a virtual workplace over the past three months, many are realizing that not only can they function, but that perhaps they can function even better. The flexibility that working from home offers has been proven to increase employee productivity and loyalty. In addition, if businesses transition to a completely remote workplace, they could significantly reduce their overhead costs, as they would no longer have to pay for an office space and all the costs that go along with that.


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