You are a producer of wonderful products and business is going well. Because the demand for your products is growing and the turnover is increasing, you hire staff. This is going well and your revenue continues to grow, as does your profit. But then disaster strikes. Your employee becomes the victim of an accident and drops out. What can you do now as an employer to help your employee and not to endanger your business operations? 

Employee accident

Suppose your employee comes to the office by bicycle and is hit (Dutch: fietser aangereden) by a car, truck or scooter as a cyclist. Your employee is injured and seriously injured. She will certainly not be able to work for you in the coming months and will also suffer a lot of damage herself. This includes medical costs and travel costs, but also income loss because he or she is of course not entitled to the overtime that you always paid. After all, your employee is not working. 

In this case, both you and your employee can hold the liable party liable for the damage suffered as a result of the collision. Your employee is entitled to personal injury compensation (Dutch: letselschade vergoeding) consisting of material damage on the one hand and compensation for damages on the other. Smart money is compensation for the pain, grief and fear of traffic that he or she experiences as a result of the accident.

You as an employer are also entitled to personal injury compensation. In the Netherlands, this compensation consists of the costs that you as an employer incur for your employee. These are of course your wage costs that you have to pay to your employee. In addition, reintegration costs in the Netherlands are also eligible for reimbursement. These are, for example, the costs of the company doctor or of an adapted chair.

Personal injury lawyer Rotterdam

If your employee is hit by a car, he/she must hold the person who caused the accident liable. This is done by means of a liability claim. It states what happened and what damage has been suffered as a result of the accident. As an employer, you hold the person who caused the accident liable for the continued wage costs and other costs that you incur for the reintegration of your employee.

Fortunately, you do not have to recover the damage yourself. In the Netherlands you can make use of a personal injury lawyer, for example a personal injury lawyer in Rotterdam. (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Rotterdam) He or she arranges everything for you and your employee and ensures that you are both compensated. So if an employee is the victim of a traffic accident or other accident in which injuries have been sustained, you can recover part of the damage you suffer as an employer from the liable party. 

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