It is a much different reality now for most individuals in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Restrictions on various gatherings and types of interactions with others exist due to Covid-19.  This makes it extremely difficult for individuals looking for part-time, full-time or flexible jobs to find suitable work.  It also compounds problems for employers seeking to hire individuals in the Cincinnati area, as although video chat programs exist, it is hard to really evaluate a job position or vet a possible employee using this technology.  Without face-to-face contact, employers can be reluctant to even try filling a position.  Individuals seeking a position, without an actual visual of the workplace can be nervous about accepting any positions, even when qualified.  Depending upon the type of business, restrictions can change rapidly due to outbreaks of Covid-19 and the infrastructure of the business.  The Ohio Chamber of Commerce does post regular updates on openings and closings, as well as new jobs available, but it is still a difficult process to work with in either finding qualified workers or jobs that an individual would be interested in obtaining.   This especially applies to gig jobs in events and the hospitality industry and not scientific and hospitality jobs.

Now employers and possible employees are easily matched.

While somewhat helpful, the applications that have been available so far do lack features that would enhance the processes of job placements.  Most of the current applications focus too broadly, and any user that signs up can be fed job opportunities that have nothing to do with their specific skillset.  Employers face a deluge of applicants that really do not fit the requirements needed for the jobs that are available.  True vetting on both sides, with the employers and the applicants does turn into a rather frustrating prospect rather quickly.  In Cincinnati, Ohio, this frustrating approach is being addressed by the new platform that is in place by a company called Upshift in Cincinnati.  Regular screening and vetting of applicants and companies is done via questionnaires and follow up, thereby cutting back on the stress that other web applications and the platforms used can create.  Only 12% of the applicants for admission to the Upshift job search platform make it through the screening process.  It therefore ensures that those seeking a job are qualified and will be happy with the position they acquire, and it will give employers the confidence needed to hire an employee.

Availability of flexible jobs are now at one’s fingertips.

This is of great appeal to those seeking part-time or even full-time work as the lifestyle in Ohio in general has become more hectic.  Home schooling can now be in place in certain districts and finding some sort of work/life balance can be tricky for employees.  There are many categories of flexible work jobs available to view via the Upshift platform.  All jobs are outside the accounting and scientific fields. Many employers that are seeking gig workers routinely use the platform and the availability of flexible hours offered by these employers helps individuals find the schedule and job that suits them.  Employees that are listed on Upshift are given a choice of payment times, and there are only three easy steps to sign up on the platform.  Fees are not charged to employees, so the money earned is the money that they keep.  For employers, there is a fee, but it is roughly only 50% of what a traditional agency charges and of course, includes the extreme vetting process that is done prior to listing any possible employee.  The platform works to enhance flexible jobs for both employers and employees and is easy to navigate and use.  The app allows users to clock in and clock out when they feel they can perform the work necessary, and employers can view who is available and when immediately.  This is extremely helpful in the hospitality and other industries where certain entertainment gigs can appear routinely. Availability of jobs, school openings and closings, and times and places where gig and flexible jobs are located change rapidly within Cincinnati, OH, as Ohio has had its struggles with maintaining all types of schedules due to Covid-19.

Finding top locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, for part-time and flexible jobs is a snap.

Cincinnati, Ohio now is a welcoming haven especially for working mothers and fathers who must deal with all the changes that occur all the time. The part-time, fulltime, and flexible job environment is easier to deal with now using the Upshift platform.  With Covid-19 flare-ups routinely occurring in Ohio, schools can open quickly but close without notice quickly.  The Department of Education has tried to address the issue as best it can and keeps an updated list for parents but holding down a traditional type of job with the Covid-19 school issues has made it difficult for both employees and employers.  There are job search sites with dozens of part-time and flexible job availabilities that can be researched, but this is time consuming and residents of Cincinnati as well as the businesses within the area are stressed for time as is.  Other apps and platforms also lack targeting which is a problem. The platform developed by Upshift comes at a much-needed time for Cincinnati residents who still need to work and for employers who still need to staff their gig jobs and other flexible jobs and it provides a much more targeted approach. Flexible jobs and gig jobs are synonyms and essentially mean the same thing.  Going the extra mile to provide an application and platform that suits the needs of Cincinnati residents and employers for gig and flexible jobs entirely has finally arrived and the flexible work and part-time job work availabilities are now more consistent and easier to access with the Upshift platform.

Cincinnati is coping well with the changes in Ohio.

There are many businesses that have opened recently that were closed for months in Cincinnati, and the Upshift platform, is a great boon to these as it focuses on flexible jobs that are part-time and fulltime but that are geared towards the industries that need workers that also are looking for flexibility.

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