Although finding the perfect job can be a struggle, and is a cause for celebration, the hard work does not stop there. Finding success in the workplace is not just about perfecting the interview, finishing online nursing programs, or completing your training to a high standard. Instead, in order to stay in the role of your dreams and to achieve that much-desired promotion, there are certain steps that you should consider taking in order to make sure that you can continue to thrive from your first day to your last.

1.  Fulfill Your Duties

Although this first step might sound simple, it is vital that you are able to complete your work responsibilities to a high standard, as advertised in the job listing that you responded to. If you are unsure of what these are, you should speak to your manager or check the contract that you signed at the beginning of your employment. If you do not meet the targets or deadlines that have been set out for you, you may find your job at risk before your probation period even comes to an end. You should also make sure that you are aware of the company culture in your firm so that you can ascertain that your style and method of working can align with that of the rest of your colleagues.

2.  Take an Online Degree

However, finding success in an IT career in the workplace is not always reliant on what you do in the workplace, but may instead be based on the actions you take to progress your career outside of the office. For instance, many career-minded people choose to take an online degree, such as online nursing programs, in order to help them to achieve leadership positions. Not only this, but online degrees can also help employees to improve their ability to do their job by boosting their skill and knowledge level. For instance, taking online nursing programs can help those in healthcare career pathways by preparing them for leadership positions and by giving them a business-minded outlook on the nursing sector. Taking a degree, such as online nursing programs, is highly suitable for those that have already achieved their dream job as it can allow them to work to achieve a higher education qualification while also building up their expertise within a working environment.

3.  Build Connections with Your Colleagues

Once you have gained the appropriate qualifications from degrees like online nursing programs, you can find success in the workplace by focusing your energies on building connections with your colleagues. Although you might prefer to work independently and without aid, making acquaintances around the office can help your manager to see you as a great candidate for promotion to a leadership position due to your good interpersonal skills. Not only this, but building connections with your colleagues can help you to complete projects to a high standard through an increased level of co-operation – they might even be able to put a good word in for you when it comes to getting a promotion.

In addition to building connections with your colleagues, you should also work on developing a good working relationship with your manager. This can help you to be seen in a positive light, and your manager is more likely to promote you if they know that they will be able to work well with you when you are in a leadership position.

4.  Speak to Your Manager

Many people want to keep their goals close to them for fear of disappointment and embarrassment. However, telling others about your goals is one of the best ways to ensure that you are considered for available positions in the future and to make sure that you are able to keep progressing. Then, you should speak to your manager as soon as possible about your desire for a promotion. They will then be able to discuss your goals with you, highlighting any actions that you need to take or skills that you need to develop before you will be able to secure your dream position. This can take the form of an annual one-on-one review, where your manager can set targets for you with the aim of getting promoted.

5.  Apply for Available Positions

However, the one factor that is stopping most people from being able to find success in the workplace is themselves. Many people wait for success or a promotion to come to them, rather than seeking their perfect role themselves. If you have taken the right degrees, such as online nursing programs, and if you complete your duties to a high standard, there is no reason why you should not be ready to apply for the next leadership position that comes up at work. You should sign up for any workplace newsletters that are in circulation, contact the other departments at your firm, and ask your manager to alert you to any available positions that you may be applicable for. You may even be able to ask your superiors to put in a recommendation for you, or to help you with your application.

6.  Put the Extra Hours in

If you want to find success at work, it is not enough to simply do the bare minimum. Instead, you need to make sure that you are constantly putting yourself out there and completing work far above what is expected of you. In many cases, this may mean putting the extra hours in and working over-time to deliver work that is up to the standards that you are trying to reach. You should also offer to take on or lead any projects that are in addition to the work that you already do, and attempt to be as flexible as possible in terms of your workload and working hours. This will show your managers that you are willing to put your career first and that you care about the success of the company as a whole, rather than simply your own career.

7.  Find a Mentor

Just like every great fantasy movie, finding a mentor can be a surer sign of success than even making a connection with your colleagues. Whether you find a member of the leadership team to help you to climb the ranks, or an external mentor, mentors can help you to glean the important knowledge that you need to succeed. Not only can they give you individualized advice, but they will be able to use their own experience of the business world, and even the company you work for, to help you to follow in their footsteps. You can find a mentor through the professional network that you will be connected to when you sign up to a degree, such as online nursing programs. Other good ways to find mentors including signing up for mentoring schemes in your office and by attending industry networking groups in your area.

8.  Share Your Ideas

To find success in the workplace, you need to show that you are indispensable. While many people might be able to do your job, not everyone will be able to have the same ideas as you. This means that it is important that you can share your ideas and speak up at meetings. Not only will this allow your voice to stand out from the crowd and enable you to make active change, but it will also ensure that you are seen as a forward-thinking member of the team that can drive the business that you work for to succeed.

9.  Dress Appropriately

When people are looking to advance their careers, many forget the basics that can help you to excel in every aspect of your job. One of the basics, which it is paramount that you do not forget, is dressing appropriately for your job. Not only can this allow you to make a good first impression on your colleagues and superiors, especially in your first weeks in a new office, but it can also help you to stay professional and to create a business façade that can make you seem as if you belong in your new role. Dressing professionally can also convince managers to give you additional client-facing jobs as you will be able to represent the company in a positive way.

10.  Build Your Problem-Solving Skills

When you are trying to succeed at work, it is inevitable that you will encounter some problems along the way. Therefore, you should make sure that you are able to boost your problem-solving skills as early as possible into your career. Problem-solving skills can help you to get along with your colleagues, and can also allow you to complete your work easily and drive the business’s success. This talent is also one of the top soft skills that employers look for when considering which of their employees are suitable for a promotion. To build your problem-solving skills, you should take your emotions out of the equation, focus on finding a solution rather than worrying about the issue at hand, and think outside the box to find the best answer possible.

11.  Keep Track of Your Achievements

One of the best ways that you can showcase your expertise when the time comes for a promotion is to keep track of your achievements as you go along. Although they may seem monumental at the time, they can easily be forgotten and left out of your application. Recording your every achievement, whether big or small, is important so that you can create a clear record of your success which can show your employer why promoting you is a good option. You should also regularly update your resume to make sure that it constantly shows you in the best light possible and reflects all of your most recent accomplishments.

12.  Ask for Help

Many people believe they will not be able to find success at work if they ask for help. However, asking for help is important to help you to reduce the human error in your work, and to improve your expertise. Not only can asking for help show that you are committed to producing the highest standard of work possible, but it can also save your company time and money by ensuring that your duties are completed correctly every time.

13.  Refresh Your Training

If you have been working at the same office or business for many years, it is unlikely that you will be able to remember every aspect of your training after an ample amount of time has passed. However, your lack of recent training can often be reflected in your work, especially if you struggle to keep up with new processes or if you cannot use new equipment. Then, if they are not provided, you should ask your employer for training refresher days, or if they would be willing to send you on an external training course. In some cases, employers are also happy to pay for higher education courses such as online nursing programs, as long as you employ your new skills for the good of the firm once your degree is complete.

14.  Remember to Rest

Between taking online nursing programs and completing your work responsibilities, it can be difficult to remember to take the rest that you need. However, failing to sustain a good work life balance can impact the quality of your work and the enthusiasm that you have for your job. Then, you should make sure that you take all of the holiday days that are offered to you, that you stay off sick when you are unwell, and that you do not opt for too much over time. You should also avoid working in your downtime, make sure that you schedule specific times to unwind during the day, and take regular breaks where you can refresh your mind and prepare for the rest of your working day.

Succeeding at work can seem like something of an enigma. However, these steps can allow you to thrive in any career after you have completed your qualifications, such as online nursing programs, and ensure that you are a worthy candidate for promotion within the first years of your working life.


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