The holiday season offers more than the opportunity to be grateful for the growth in sales over the past year. It’s also a chance to find ways to attract more consumers and build the client base. This happens when you take that custom heats hot sauce by and make it particularly appealing for the upcoming holiday. Here are some suggestions on how to make that happen.

Consider Limited Edition Holiday Packaging

There’s no need to change something about the sauce itself. In fact, you want to avoid doing that at all costs. The same does not hold true for the packaging. A holiday is the ideal time to do something a little different and attract some extra attention.

With the aid of your manufacturing partner, it’s possible to <a href=””>choose</a> sauce packaging that draws inspiration from the pending holiday season. While you still want the container and the label to include familiar elements, do incorporate common colors and scenes that have to do with the event. Your usual customers will still recognize the brand and may even get a kick out of the holiday theme. Others who have never tried the product may be attracted to the limited edition packaging and decide to give your sauce a try.

Create Festive Displays for Supermarkets

if you market to different supermarket chains, continue the theme for the holiday packaging by creating displays that can be used to call attention to your product. This could be a stand alone display near the entrance or it could be used as part of an endcap display. The point is to ensure that both the sauce packaging and the display capture the mood of the impending holiday and motivate consumers to incorporate your sauce into their holiday plans.

Offer Holiday Recipes That Make Use of Your Sauces

While some consumers already have ideas for using your custom heats hot sauce in their holiday dishes, others may need some inspiration. That’s where offering some recipes along with each container is a good idea. Everyone likes to receive something that’s a little extra, so a small recipe book included in the packaging is likely to be a hit. If some of those recipes can also be used at other times of the year, that makes the gift even better.

Holiday Discount Coupons are Always Nice

Keep in mind that people love getting something for a little less than the usual price. Do consider the idea of supplying coupons that offer some type of discount. It can be a fixed amount off each container, or you could offer one free container for every two sold. This will help move more custom sauce bottles during the season and may even be a great way to ensure those same consumers come back for more after the holiday is over.

While your branded sauces are great any time of the year, certain holidays provide opportunities to attract new customers and provide existing ones with more incentive to buy more sauce. Consider these and other ways to generate additional sales now and you may end up with more customers who continue to buy your products long after the holiday season is over.

There are many ways to sell hot sauces, including ecommerce, retail, and kiosks.  Subscriptions are a great option so be sure to checkout the best hot sauce subscriptions too.

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