The Smallest Breakfast Burrito & More Incredible Links

The smallest breakfast burrito ever is suh kyuuuuhhht. [Youtube]

Here’s a Death Star teapot because: STAR. WARS. EVERYTHING. [Laughing Squid]

Because, as I previously stated: STAR. WARS. EVERYTHING!!! Okay??? [Foodiggity]

If you laugh at this kid’s traumatic llama experience, does that make you a bad person? What if I laughed? Does it make me a bad person? [Tastefully Offensive]

Oh yes, I recall A Streetcar Naked Desire. Great play by Tennessee Williaks. [Digg]

This is how nail polish is made, in case you were wondering. Note: the goods start around the :50 mark. [Refinery 29]

Redditors shared the most pointless arguments they’ve been a part of. This is why the aliens won’t talk to us. [22 Words]

Whoa these makeup transformations are v impressive, you guys. [Sad And Useless]

Here’s a cat playing with something he shouldn’t.  [Neatorama]

Sesame Street introduces Julia, its first autistic character. Hi Julia! [Buzzfeed]

One Los Angeles scumbag is going on fancy restaurant dates, eating the hell out of some food, then leaving ladies with the bill. MONSTER! [Vice]

Can’t believe I’m saying “I’m embarrassed for Gucci” but here we are. [Mashable]

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